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General Information

Civilians are encountered on Terror Missions. As mentioned in your briefing, "You must attempt to save the lives of any civilians in the area..." Civilians seem to lack any form of AI, which makes this more difficult. Instead of running away from their alien attackers, they will instead walk around as if on a Sunday stroll, sometimes even directly into the crossfire.

Aliens will shoot at civilians and soldiers with equal ferocity. Alien attacks on civilians will give clues as to the alien's location.

All civilian populations in the game will either be male or female. You will not be able to find men and women together in the same locale. All civilians are unarmed. We don't know where they parked their cars or why only the members of the opposite sex sought fit to flee by themselves.

Tips on Dealing with Civilians

If you don't care about score, then let the aliens have their way with civilians. While the aliens shoot at civilians, they aren't shooting at you. But that can mean losing up to 480 points.

If you do care about score, then your best bet is to stun any civilian you encounter. This takes them out of the picture as a glitch put them into alien control. However, at this point they are no longer worth points to either side in the conflict. The same happens when using mind control on civilians. See why civilians go rogue for more information.

Appearance Information

When X-COM arrives at a terror site, there may be as many as 16 Civilians still alive. However, there are occasions where the aliens finished off all the Civilians before you got there (and are likely engaging in wanton property damage before leaving.) On average, expect between 8-16 Civilians still alive when you arrive.

Keep in mind that you are are only penalized for civilian deaths that occur while X-COM is at the site.

Additional Information

Civilians have a neutral allegiance. However, if Mind Controlled, they will turn to the Alien side on the next turn. They even count as an Alien kill on your end-of-mission score count, however, you gain 0pts.


Action                         Score
------                         -----
Each Civilian saved             +30
Each Civilian killed by Aliens  -30
Each Civilian killed by X-COM   -50


TUs           35
Health        30
Stamina       65
Reactions     30
Strength      20
Bravery       80

Firing Acc.   30
Throwing Acc. 50
Melee Acc.    50

Psi Skill      0
Psi Strength   5

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