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Once a Tentaculat or Chryssalid attacks, the victim will turn into a zombie that becomes a new Tentaculat/Chryssalid if it's killed. Zombies cannot be stunned or captured.

Data corruption can provide a zombie research topic which crashes the game however.

Note: Not to be confused with Zombie, the user, longtime X-COM community member, tactician and number cruncher, or the Enemy Unknown equivalent.


TUs:               40
Health:            84
Energy:            110
Reactions:         40
Strength:          84
Bravery:           110
Psi Skill:         N/A
Psi Strength:      80

Damage:            84
Melee:             80%
TUs:               15



The following are some miscellaneous notes. Zombies:

  • Take 0.6x damage from AP ammunition, 0.8x damage from High Explosives and 0.7x damage from Laser and Plasma ammunitions.
  • Hit does 1.2x damage to un-armoured soldiers and civilans and 0.9x damage to tanks and hovertanks.
  • Are not effected by Stun Rods or Stun Bombs. However, they still receive a small portion of Stun damage from conventional weapons.
  • Have a melee attack equal to its strength.
  • Are very slow, so they can be outrun.
  • Can be mind-controlled.
  • Have constant stats regardless of the original human's skills or difficulty level.
  • If the killing shot is of an Incendiary nature, the chryssalid does not hatch. The corpse generated from killing a Zombie will look like a Chryssalid and the death scream will sound like that of a human.
  • If a zombie is under X-Com mind control and it is killed, the hatched Chryssalid will be considered to be under 'alien' mind control that turn. When the turn ends, you will gain permanent control of the Chryssalid for the rest of the battle.
    • If the zombie was previously an X-Com soldier, gaining control of the chryssalid will allow the soldier to be recovered at the end of the mission.
    • The fully controlled chryssalid can be re-zombified by other chryssalids and re-controlled as a means of healing it. This only works with chryssalids under permanent control. Note that each time this happens, you will lose morale as if a soldier was killed, and a soldier will be added to the end-mission kill tally. An interesting way to perform Bravery#Improvement
  • Research seems to indicate (in X-COM) that if you don't shoot the zombies, they will never hatch on their own. This, however, is contrary to many eye-witness accounts.
  • When you eventually kill a zombie, make sure to have enough soldiers and TUs to kill the resulting chryssalid too.

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