Humans (Apocalypse)

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Humans will probably be the mainstay of your forces. They usually start out with good physical skills, which level up quite quickly, with these soldiers obtaining amazing accuracy and stamina levels within a very short period of time. The only true problem with human forces are their poor psionic skills. These troops tend to be very susceptible to psionics when facing off against Micronoid Aggregates and Psimorphs. Even when maxed, their own psi skills are completely ineffective except at the easiest tasks like probing. Other than that, these troopers are your default choice for a physical soldier, and with a bit of training and experience they will surpass androids at conventional combat. They're also available by the dozen.You can train human agents. This can only be done if the base of operations at which they are staying has a Training Area or a Psi-Gym.