Input Device Reference (Apocalypse)

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Intent of Page

This page will eventually contain an index and an explanation on what keys are available in the game and what they do. The game manual only goes so far in explaining some of the keys, and many players will not know or use many of the useful keys available for interacting with the game.

For now, refer to the control reference that Zombie's put together on StrategyCore.


LMB Left Mouse Button
RMB Right Mouse Button

Cityscape Controls

General Vehicles
General Interface
Pause on/off Spacebar
Time Controls 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Switch Map View Tab
Options O
Ufopedia F1
Scroll ↑, ←, →, ↓
Quit Game Esc
Screen Capture Alt + P

Overhead Map
Highlight Buildings LMB On Organization in Organizations tab

Message Panel
Continue ESC
Center On Enter
Toggle Messages Spacebar
Selection/Grouping (Vehicles Tab)
Select Vehicle / Cancel Group LMB
Add Vehicle to Group / Select Lead Vehicle Ctrl + LMB
Remove from Group Ctrl + RMB

Setting Destinations (Cityscape/Map)
Cancel Esc
Add Waypoint Ctrl + LMB

Vehicle Orders (Cityscape/Map)
Go to Building Shift + LMB
Attack Vehicle Alt + LMB

Vehicle Manual Control
Activate Manual Control M
Cancel Esc
Increase Speed Page Up
Decrease Speed Page Down
Increase Altitude (flying) Home
Decrease Altitude (flying) End
U-Turn (road) Home
Swap lanes(road) End
Set Direction RMB
Fire Weapon LMB


  • Add Waypoints: (needs a bit more elaboration on how to perform)
  • Group Selection
    • In a group selection, the vehicle with the yellow border is the lead vehicle. You will take control of it during Manual Control and all other vehicles in the group will hover around it.
    • Group: During manual control, vehicles in a group will all fire on the same target that fired on by the lead vehicle.
  • Manual Control
    • Manual control overrides firing controls during a stasis field effect, allowing the vehicle to fire.

Battlescape Controls

  • Jumping with J + LMB allows an agent to jump off a ledge. This is different from the automatic jump performed when an agent comes across a one-tile hole. If an agent makes a two-tile-hole jump (this is only automatic) then the jumper may briefly fall unconscious.
  • Alt-LMB will place a move-to marker for an agent to which the destination is occupied by another agent. When you move the occupier, the other agent will take the new position. Useful with line formation to avoid leaving a gap when moving between cover.