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A comprehesive list of all keyboard and mouse commands.

Keyboard And Mouse

These basic key presses are typical for computer players using a US-version keyboard and may not be the same UK-version keyboards, different computer formats (eg: Mac), smart-phone users, game consoles, emulators, etc,

  • LMB = Left mouse button.
  • RMB = Right mouse button.
  • Ctrl = Control keyboard button.
  • Shft = Shift keyboard button.
  • Alt = Alt keyboard button.
  • SB = Spacebar keyboard button.
  • key1 + key2 or key1 - key2 = press and hold key1, press key2, release both.
  • drag + key1 = press and hold key1 and move mouse to new area, release key1.

Universal Commands

  • Enter = confirm action.
  • ESC = disregard action.
  • F1 = UFOpaedia menu.
  • RMB on icon = its UFOPAEDIA entry.
  • SB = pause or resume time.
  • 0 ↔ 5 = time controls.
  • TAB = overhead or isometric view.
  • Alt+P = screenshot as a PCX file.


  • RMB = centre here when overhead view.
  • O = options menu.
  • ESC = quit game.
  • Enter = highlight last message location.

Base Tab

Agent & Vehicle Tabs

  • Double LMB = highlight and centre selected subject on cityscape.
  • Ctrl-LMB = select multiple (max 13)
  • RMB remove from temporaty group.
  • Ctrl-LMB = add waypoint.
  • Shft-LMB = go to building.

Vehicle Tab

  • M = manual vehicle control. (see below for commands)
  • Alt-LMB = attack selected building or vehicle.

Organisation Tab

  • LMB = hightlights and centres buildings owned.


  • Ctrl-LMB add waypoint (maximum 5).
  • Alt-LMB is move-to-here when destination is already occupied by another unit.
  • LMB Click+Drag cursor over units on the battlescape to quickly select multiple units irrelevant of which group they are in.
  • RMB on a non X-Com unit to highlight them as a target.
  • RMB will cancel a move order for your agents if they have a destination.
  • RMB will turn your agents to face a new direction if not moving.
  • Shft-LMB force an agent to fire at this cursor location.
  • J-LMB in the air next to the ledge or railing, release. To make a unit jump off/over something.
  • PgUp = go up one view level in elevation.
  • PgDn = go down one view level in elevation.
  • Home = center on selected unit.
  • Z = drop item

Agent Equip Screen

  • Ctrl-LMB allows selecting multiple units.
  • TAB changes attributes mini-screen.
  • A switch to armor screen.
  • E switch to equipment screen.

Vehicle Quip Screen

  • 1 = Select GUNS screen.
  • 2 = Select ENGINES screen.
  • 3 = Select DEVICES screen.


Increase Speed Page Up

Decrease Speed Page Down

Increase Altitude (flying) Home

Decrease Altitude (flying) End

U-Turn (road) Home

Swap lanes(road) End

Set Direction RMB

Fire Weapon LMB

Cityscape Waypoints

Waypoints may be given to airbourne or road vehicles.

  • Switch to overhead view.
  • Give a vehicle a target destination (this can include "Attack" command).
  • Click the "Move to Destination" button (next to "Move to Building" button)
  • Hold down the control button (Ctrl) and LMB click somewhere on the overhead cityscape to add a waypoint.
  • The yellow line shows the path the vehicle will take after you release the button.
  • Close the mini screen with the "X", if it appeared.

Hold Fire Forced Fire

If hold fire is used (the "X" in shot types), but something needs to be shot:

  • click LMB on agents weapon in their hand, white outline, click LMB on anything or
  • hold down shift, click LMB on anything.

Constant fire is possible if you hold down LMB.
There is an error for an agent's actions if the target was selected via RMB.

Quick Reference

Keyboard & Mouse Controls on StrategyCore.