Muton Centurion(LW2)

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Name Muton Centurion Rank 2
Force Level
Pod Max
Muton Centurion (LW2).jpg
Armor 2 Health 12/13/14/15
Mobility 12/14/14/14 Detection Radius 13.5
Aim 75/80/80/80 Armor Piercing 0/1/1/1
Crit Chance 0/10/10/10 Defense 10/10/15/15
Dodge 0 Will 80/85/85/90

These expert Mutons possess additional training and skills, compared to their helmetless brethren. They are masters of the Bayonet, able to charge in and attack after with it even after dashing. Their "War Cry" ability, similar to the "Blood Call" of the previous game, permits them to buff allies aim, will, and crit, with particular attention given to strengthening other Mutons. Oddly enough, Centurions are immune to Berserker attacks, though this ability's tactical importance is limited at best. The Centurion's blood red armor, white underlay, and distinctive helmets make them easily recognizable on the battlefield. The far more dangerous Muton Elite also wears a helmet, though of a different style and with deep purple armor. Be warned: although the Elites themselves cannot perform it, a Centurion's War Cry will buff them nonetheless, making an already deadly enemy even worse!

Muton Abilities
UIPerk muton bayonet.png
Strike a target in melee.
LWCenturion AbilityBayonetCharge32.png
Bayonet Charge
Allows a melee attack anywhere within sprint distance. 5-turn cooldown.
UIPerk muton counterattack.png
Chance to ignore melee damage and instantly respond with a melee strike.
UIPerk muton execute.png
Mutons can perform a finishing move on an adjacent stunned enemy.
LWCenturion AbilityBeastmaster32.png
Immune to damage from Berserkers.
UIPerk muton aliengrenade.png
Alien Grenade
Throw an alien grenade
LWCenturion AbilityWarCry32.png
War Cry
Grants bonuses to Mutons and some other aliens.
Fire a barrage that pins down a target, grants reaction fire against it if it moves, restricts the use of many abilities, and imposes a -25 penalty to the target's aim.

Muton Potential Tactical Dark Events
Ability Effected Ranks Chance to Adopt While Active
All ranks 20%
Template:Conditioning (LW2) Conditioning All ranks 20%
Template:Survivability (LW2) Survivability All ranks 20%
Template:Adaptation (LW2) Adaptation All ranks 20%
Center Mass
Center Mass
All ranks 16%
Grazing Fire
Grazing Fire
Mk3 33%
All ranks 8%
All ranks 25%
Mk3 15%