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The contents of this page contain fictional elements that are based on or expand on the official game mythos. Care should be taken by the reader not to confuse the artistic license taken as being an actual representation of the events and time lines in the game(s).

Muttons are considered to be one of the galaxy's finest meals, having ample usage in Sectoid cuisine. In fact, the aliens carefully disguise their real targets during an Alien Harvest mission, leading X-COM to wrongly think that cows are their real target.

Amongst the several types of Mutton dishes that can be found throughout the universe, the following have adquired quite a reputation:

  • Sectoid Fried Mutton
  • Stuffed Reaper legs with Mutton
  • Blaster Mutton Surprise
  • Mutton à la Chef
  • Plasma Grilled Mutton

On a related note, mutton is banned in many X-Com base cafetarias. Commanders blame the numerous practical jokes and incidents where typically follow the Standard Operating Procedure of:

1. Present victim a dish of delicious Mutton Curry.

2. Victim eats dish.

3. "Oh, sorry, did you ask for Mutton Curry? I thought you said MUTON Curry!"

4. Much cursing and threat of reprisals.

On the other hand, the Chinese X-Com base is rumored to have created several new and interesting Muton based dishes. As the saying goes, they eat everything with 4 legs except the table.

There is also the well documented case of X-Com Wolf Platoon, whose Skyranger was disabled by a stray Blaster Bomb during an Arctic Mission against a Muton Terror Ship, stranding them for 7 days. When rescue arrived, they found all agents looking healthy and well fed. Evidently, the intact Alien Craft was adequately warm and excellent shelter, the Agents' laser weapons provided ample energy to melt ice for drinking water, and when asked what they ate, they announced "The MUTTON." and refused to budge from that story. Especially the female officers, who cling to the unlikely story of arctic goats with an attitude that X-Com Psychoanalysts have determined to be denial and self-delusion rather than an attempt to deceive X-Com interrogators. The final judgement on the case was that X-Com is not the bloody military, these people are all heroes, and, every single person who ever probed too hard into the matter ended up eating a plate of mutton curry during their visit to the base.

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