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Tactical Game

  • ALT-1 through ALT-8: Select individual soldiers (doesn't work with soldiers 9+)
  • ALT-O: overwatch all soldiers with moves remaining (note there is no confirm dialogue when you hit this; it doesn't work if the currently selected soldier is in motion)
  • ALT-F1: toggle HUD (for screenshots)
  • F2-F9, ALT-F2 through ALT-F6: new camera angles, F2 is overhead; ALT-F5 and ALT-F6 are closeups
  • ALT-F7: set slomo to 1.0 (normal animation speed)
  • ALT-F8: set slomo to 1.15 (accelerated animation speed, still looks pretty realistic)
  • ALT-F9: sets slomo to 1.5 (extremely accelerated animation speed, looks unrealistic)
  • ALT-F10: reset map cycler (do this once if you are repeating a few maps over and over, but this should no longer be necessary with campaigns started under 3.0 Beta 10 and later)
  • MAX ZOOM: this option, in your interface menu, lets you set the closest zoom level the camera can normally go
  • CAMERA PANNING: this option, in your interface menu, lets the center mouse button activate full control over camera pitch and yaw
  • RESTART MISSION: this option, in your pause menu, lets you restart a tactical mission; the map and enemies will not change; not available in Ironman

Mission Control

  • F1-F7: rotate Hologlobe to XCOM base on each continent, plus North and South Poles (we've also fixed the vanilla bug that disabled mouse control of Hologlobe positions)

Any Time

  • ALT-F12: hard quit to desktop

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