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OpenApoc is under development, in Alpha state (this means playable but not all features implemented) Here whats left.

This Wiki is a work in progress - all contributions to it are welcome as long as they are related with OpenApoc. Feel free to add new pages, edit the current ones and to use the discussion tab to ask any questions.

OpenApoc is an open-source re-implementation of the original XCOM: Apocalypse that requires the original game files to run.

  • Porting to a new crossplatform open-source engine
  • Port the game to any platform you like (windows, linux, android etc)
  • Unlimited modding capabilities, which was not possible in the original
  • Unlimited possibilities for game finesse
  • Added Skirmish module
  • Added full debug system
  • Added full hotkey system
  • Added more then 40 improvements already
  • Support for modern screen resolutions
  • In mods we can add cut mechanics and Julian Gollop ideas
  • we got support from Julian Gollop (creator of the X-Com series)

We needs more programmers - thus we finish project faster. Help more people find out about OpenApoc!

Social pages (recent news)

OpenApoc Badge OpenApoc - open-source remake of X-Com Apocalypse
■ About OpenApoc
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■ Differences between OpenApoc and X-COM
■ Hidden Features
■ Unused Game Features
Concept Information
■ Game versions and builds
■ Cut items and features
■ Cut mechanics and behavior
■ What it should be. Design doc
■ Customizing
■ Added improvements
■ Mods
■ Idea to spice up the alien dimension
■ Psionics in Apocalypse
■ Translations
■ Personnel Names
Technical Information
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