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Patchwork is a human tech specialist and a playable agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Patchwork lost her entire family during the invasion, as well as an arm and both of her legs. She eventually ended up in an ADVENT orphanage, where a gene therapy clinic built her prosthetic limbs so she could be used as proof of the aliens' benevolence in propaganda. However, her technical skills allowed her to discover evidence of ADVENT's true nature, and she engineered her own rescue by X-COM. She served as an engineer on the Avenger during the War for Liberation until a shortage of personnel required her to take up active duty; after the war's end, Lily Shen requested her transfer to Chimera Squad.

Patchwork excels at fighting mechanical enemies, either via direct damage or by hacking them; as a result, she is an excellent choice when fighting Sacred Coil. That being said, her Gremlin is able to cause consistent damage to multiple enemies with its Chaining Jolt ability and she can also provide combat support for her allies as well.

Tactical Advice

  • Unlike Torque's Bind skill, Patchwork's Stasis skill works on large enemies and/or bosses.