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The 'Field Manual' entries belong to the X-Com Field Manual. The style of writing was to make it read like a military combat manual.

It was originally written with starting players in mind, where alien technology is unknown and all you have to work with is your standard weapons. So man-portable weapons refer to weapons like the pistol, rifle, heavy cannons, etc. Mind you, there aren't any real concrete artificial structures in this game. There is of course the Skyranger...


[Jasonred] : Well... if it's written with starting players in mind, and you just wrote something about concrete artificial structures... aren't you going to confuse starting players? Even a semi veteran like me got confused.

AFAIK, the only time you get brick/ concrete/ non-wood buildings on missions is terror missions. Where you get shops and gas stations, which actually MIGHT be concrete. PLUS, if I'm not mistaken, large rockets will blow these up.

So... yeah, I understand that you might want to maintain the "combat manual" feel of the game, but I feel that this online wiki ufopedia should provide "correct" info and "useful" info, rather than "pretty but misleading" info.

Fair enough

But remember that these are just simple copy and pastes from the field manual, an entirely separate project from the wiki.

The content of the wiki itself is at a, well, brainstorming stage where all the ideas are being lumped together. Someone has to come along and rewrite everything into something finished.



I've modified this section so it talks more directly about UFO outer hulls. --JellyfishGreen 13:04, 3 May 2005 (BST)

I've updated this with some minor edits to tidy up a bit - however, I tried to get the footnotes to link correctly, but I can't get it. How do you get footnotes to link to the bottom of the page in wiki? - Phoenix


I find that fences are worth a special mention. Sighting through fences changes with height, leading to some curious effects. Sectiods and snakemen can sometimes only be seen through a fence if you're kneeling, and sometimes only if you're standing up. This creates blind spots behind fences where aliens can see you and shoot you but you can't see them. I now routinely remove all fences with explosives in any snakeman or sectiod mission.

There can also be blindspots when scouting aliens at a higher elevation. You can't remove these as easily, but you can move along ridgelines instead of across ridgelines to reduce the risk. - Egor

The game has some peculiar line of sight irregularities. They may not be so obvious in UFO, but when you play TFTD, they are terrible.

One example in UFO occurs when an alien is on the landing of stairs (east-west X-Com base stairs). By looking directly at the stairs, the alien will be invisible. Then if you walk behind the stairs and look in its direction, the alien will suddenly materialise. Quite peculiar indeed!


My first thought was that this was a loftemps issue (the cross bars on the fences might block the LOS), but a check of the fence tiles shows that they use the same index all the way (ie There are no cross bars, just poles). That is to say, a soldier standing in front of a fence should be able to see the same amount, if not more, then a kneeling soldier.

Angle, on the other hand, should effect visibilty no end, but it appears visibility should only increase with extra height.

I can't see any obvious problems with the stairs, either, though the south-north version does differ greatly from the east-west. Perhaps if the east-west stairs style was converted to match it'd work correctly?

- Bomb Bloke 01:50, 14 September 2006 (PDT)