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Are we sure about the way it says rearming happens here? I had an interceptor that was rearming and had use 2 of each avalanche missiles, when I checked its status it was 2/1 early in the rearming sequence, when this would suggest it should either be 1/1 or 3/1 or 3/3 and nothing in between. (And no I hadnt run out of missiles in stores). --Sfnhltb 13:18, 4 March 2007 (PST)

I just discovered the answer to your question. Rearming is handled differently for different weapons. First the left weapon is loaded, then the right weapon. But the RELOAD RATE for each weapon is different. For the Laser Cannon and Plasma Beam, they are charged to 99 and 100 shots, respectively, at the top of the hour. For a Cannon, 100 Cannon Shells are loaded per hour, at the top of the hour. For the Avalanche and Stingray missile racks, missiles are loaded ONE AT A TIME, at the rate of ONE PER HOUR. After both weapons are finished loading, then the craft will test its systems to make sure everything works; that takes another hour. I don't have any data for the Fusion Ball Launcher, but I suspect one Fusion Ball is loaded at a time. This is critical data I will add to the wiki immediately, as it means that a interception craft loaded with dual Stingray Launchers will take THIRTEEN HOURS to go from "Rearming" to "Ready" if all missiles have been launched! Arrow Quivershaft 11:34, 28 October 2007 (PDT)

XComUtil Interceptor

XComUtil allows the Interceptor to carry 6 soldiers or 1 HWP + 2 soldiers. In general this is one of the aspects of XComUtil I like least - so much so that it actually makes me get up off my rear to change it.

However, I could see it as kind of cool to carry 1 or 2 "soldiers" in an Interceptor, who are actually just dismounted XCom pilots. The Interceptor is some kind of state of the art, high performance jet. It's probably thrust-vectoring and is conceivably V/TOL - maybe only advanced V/TOL aircraft have the necessary agility to keep up with the UFOs, and that's why the Japanese anti-alien force and the conventional air forces couldn't handle UFOs. If so, a V/TOL jet could conceivably land in the field. I have no doubt that XCom pilots would have basic XCom weapons and would certainly have the initiative and capability to investigate a crash site, if so ordered.

Yes, I like the scenario. I could even consider, just about, an HWP strapped to some kind of pod on the outside of the aircraft. But that's probably stretching it.

Recovering the loot from a crash site does not pose an issue. As we know, loot and bodies are just teleported FedEx'd back to the aircraft's home base, arriving long before the aircraft does. So there's no need to fit UFO Navigations and dead smoking Reaper corpses back on board the fighter. I might just try those 2-man missions and see how it goes.

Spike 20:18, 2 July 2009 (EDT)

Think the ship in the intro, and that's what the XComutil interceptor seems to be - without the ultra cool iris and springboard setup to launch soldier into the field. Or hit their heads on lamp posts...
The way the hangars are set up in X-COM, I imagine all ships X-COM use have some sort of VTOL capability. X-COM can't afford to invest in a runway. A kindergarten with a runway attached would certainly raise questions! Alternately, they've got a similar setup like International Rescue where the terrain transform into a runway.
I don't use XComutil Interceptor for a variety of reasons, but it can certainly be used. Perhaps not so much at the start since quantity vs. quality is generally what you have to rely on when everyone's untested. Once you've built up some good soldiers then it could be viable. Specialist teams that can easily handle themselves in small numbers could make great use of it. Such as an alien base surgical strike squad for example. Or once you get psi, you only need a few good soldiers. - NKF 02:42, 3 July 2009 (EDT)