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Big differences with Enemy Unknown are the introduction of 2 part terror missions. These tend to drain your ammo. Plus, in the earlier versions, you have to actually pick up stuff from the first part to keep it (X-com agents too lazy to salvage it?) Apparently this was solved in the later patches.

Both parts count towards your scoring, methinks.

Terror Missions ARE ON LAND. This is very bad, since most of your big guns early in the game only work underwater! Good luck taking out those heavily armored terror units using dart guns and grenades... Mag Ion Armor's flight ability doesn't work here either, although the PWT tanks can still fly. Take advantage of that. On the other hand, no Tentaculats on land either. And no PWT Launchers either. So it's not so bad after all. ... Imagine Chryssalids, FLYING Chryssalids at that, on those cramped Shipping Lane Missions. ... Carnage!

Civilians are everywhere in terror missions, even in the second part.

Bring hand-to-hand weapons on terror missions. Have them in every backpack, and pull them out when facing Aliens in narrow space. Heavily armoured terror units don't stand a chance against these, and you can often clean out a small room of aliens with it.

The game won't let you fire the Torpedo Launcher on land, but your soldier will still be able to use it for reaction fire due to a bug. This isn't always safe, of course.

Do be careful around the oil drums...

Note: There are numerous reports of aliens inexplicably dying during port attack terror missions, without anyone having fired upon them. These aliens don't count toward your kill rating, but you can recover their bodies and equipment anyway. Port security? Friendly fire? Or old age? There's no way to know.

[CommanderVix] Well, since the Aliens are more Underwater based, they probably died from being out of water for too long, just like a fish

Self inflicted kills are my bet. Just from my general observation, the aliens in TFTD tend to be a bit grenade-crazy at terror sites. Particularly on the port and island missions. There are the occasional misfired shots, but that's fairly normal. - NKF

that doesn't cover all of them. i've seen a deep one corpse in an area i'd never reached before with no trace of an explosion.

Also, Xcom soldiers and command are IDIOTS. Who wears a bloody diving suit all over the place when you know the entire mission is going to be on land? ... And if my Torpedo Launcher won't fire properly on land, WHY WHY WHY can't I just buy a Rocket Launcher and Heavy Rockets??? And I really REALLY wish I had Laser Weapons on those 2-part shipping lane missions. Jasonred

Been thinking about that, and I too miss some of the land weapons. Any number of reasons why they couldn't juggle land/sea equipment. It's the logistics involved, and your troops practically rushing to the ship not having time to switch into a change of suits, etc. They just wear what they've got on them and charge ahead. Okay that's fine and all, but then something really important occurred to me.
The TFTD teaser literature Microprose put out has some mention about alien alloys degrading in sea water. Perhaps not instantly, but over time. Also consider most of the firearms in UFO probably wouldn't work that well when wet. Laser weapons come to mind, and all the gunpowder inside the rockets used in the rocket launcher probably won't like the damp either. Okay, so what am I getting at here? This: Has anyone realized that the crew cabin of the Triton is filled with water?
I'm surprised I never ever took more notice of this before, This means everything that goes inside the Triton, from the chairs to the sonar devices, to the equipment that goes one board, must be waterproof. That also explains why your troops must always be in their diving suits - or else they'd get drowned. Obviously the Triton will have the water pumped out during transit, then pump the water into the cabin when it sets down. Or maybe it's full of water all the time except when it's on land? Oh who knows.
I suppose they could've always introduced some waterproof weapon lockers for the land weapons. -NKF 02:40, 7 April 2009 (EDT)

Personally, I missed the Rocket Launcher so much during my first Port Attack, if I had been Xcom Commander I would have told them to wrap it in a plastic garbage bag. Jasonred 03:31, 7 April 2009 (EDT)