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Research entries of Interceptor's UFOPedia.


The First Alien War (1999-2002)

AW-I was a war fought between X-COM forces and a number of invading alien races. Starting with
animal mutilations and intermittent human abductions, alien activity steadily escalated, eventually
threatening the continued existence of humanity. Striking from hidden bases throughout the world,
X-COM soldiers managed to maintain some semblance of order, keeping the alien menace in check
until the invaders' base of operations could be located. In a final, cataclysmic battle, a squadron
of X-COM soldiers invaded the aliens' base at Cydonia on Mars, killing all the inhabitants and
neutralizing the central Brain that controlled the alien invasion force.

The Second Alien War (2041-2046)

AW-II was a war fought between X-COM forces and a number of aquatic alien races beneath the surface
of Earth's oceans. These aliens, apparently in cryo-stasis for thousands of years, were awakened
by an automated signal sent from the alien base at Cydonia at the end of the First Alien War in
2002. The signal activated the alien city of T'leth, hidden in the Sigsbee Deep in the Gulf of
Mexico, unleashing the horde of aquatic aliens therein. Fighting a long and arduous battle, X-COM
finally located and destroyed T'leth. The eradication of the alien city ended the invasion, but
with grave results. The resulting cataclysmic explosion heavily contaminated Earth's atmosphere,
wreaking ecological havoc that continues to plague Earth to this day.


A social and ecological restoration project conceived and backed by the major corporations of
Earth. Mega-Primus is the prototype for the ultimate human habitat -- self-sustaining, pollution-
free, and safe. The construction of this virtual utopia is years behind schedule due to the lack of
sufficient raw materials on Earth and at her near-space colonies. If all goes according to plan,
the corporate mining Outposts in the Frontier should supply the raw materials needed to complete
the Mega-Primus project.

X-Com Ships and Installations

  • X1-A "Lightning" II Interceptor
  • Cybermove Systems Star Ranger
  • Patton-Class Research Crusier
  • Earth Outpost
  • Corporate Ore Processing Plant
  • GSC Science Station
  • Kabron Pirate Base
  • Corporate Interceptors


  • Laser Cannon
  • Gatling Laser
  • Plasma Pulse Cannon
  • Taychon Pulser
  • X-winder Missile
  • X-winder Missile Launcher


  • Advanced Lasers
  • The Galactic Science Corps
  • Marsec
  • The Kabron Pirates
  • The First Alien War (1999-2002)
  • The Second Alien War (2041-2046)
  • Mega-Primus
  • Black Holes
  • Asteroid Fields


  • Standard Armor
  • Deflector Shield
  • Conversion Drive
  • Standard Targeting System

X-Com Base Modules

  • Main Base Structure
  • Hangar Module
  • Personnel Module
  • Cargo Module
  • Probe Launch Module
  • Standard Downlink
  • Deflector Shield Generator
  • Standard Sensor Module
  • Training Module
  • Missile Defense Modules
  • Beam Defense Modules
  • Communications Module
  • Medical Module

Aliens and Alien Operations

Alien Ships and Installations

Alien Base Components

Probes and Mines

  • Sensor Probe

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