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The "Geoscape" program that handles base management and aircraft, a.k.a. XCOM outside of tactical combat. TACTICAL.EXE handles combat.

NOTE: In the WinCE version, GEOSCAPE and TACTICAL are one executable, "UFO Defense.exe". Due to this confusion (what wiki pages place things on, when they're practically identical), currently GEOSCAPE, TACTICAL, and UFO Defense information appear here. (Unless and until someone wants to break everything up... then again, having highly related stuff in one place is a good thing.)

Also see Versions.

XCOM: UFO Defense (U.S. DOS) version 1.4

  • Is 382,957 bytes long for the virgin 1.4 executable
  • Has alien statistics starting at (non-offset) byte 379,729. There are 33 records of 39 bytes each. No alien names, though.
  • If you have installed XcomUtil, it may alter the length of GEOSCAPE. Does anybody have a modified version, so we can put the length here? --MikeTheRed

XCOM Windows Collector's Edition

  • Variously called the Win CE or Gold version on the wiki
  • Is 382,957 bytes long for the virgin 1.4 executable
  • Is 495,616 bytes long
  • Starting at byte 648, reads:
XCOM: UFO Defense Gold Edition
This awesome game was compiled on Sep  8 1999 at 08:57:11
Copyright - 1999 Hasbro Interactive/MicroProse Software
Party on dude.
  • If you install XcomUtil, it separates your UFO Defense.exe into GEOSCAPE and TACTICAL executables. They are almost identical copies of UFO Defense.exe, however they start at the right place when run. This allows the game to closely mimick the Dos version by having its main loop run in a batch file.
  • Has alien statistics starting at (non-offset) byte 480,145. There are 33 records of 39 bytes each. No alien names, though.
  • Has tank & inbuilt alien weapon stats at byte 447,868 (see below)


Offset (hex) Description
0x111111 Offset description with link to specifics
0x222222 another offset description
0x333333 Follows the format of CRAFT.DAT for initial craft stats

Table layouts

Can I ask that if you do any more ascii->wiki table conversions, that you use embedded tables (see Base Stores for an implementation) if you're slicing up column(s) to display them side-by-side? Doing that improves the visual separation between the column groups and makes it much easier to move stuff around within the columns than if it's hard-coded a | d | g (row) b | e | h (row) etc.--Ethereal Cereal 16:03, 12 March 2007 (PDT)

Yeah sure I'll do that from now on. I mainly did that to cut down on the size of the wiki-source, but it is a pain to move the columns around (which is why I just throw it into my python script :D ) --Pi Masta 20:18, 12 March 2007 (PDT)