ADVENT Trooper (LW2)

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The ADVENT Trooper serves as the baseline of ADVENT forces. Unremarkable in every way, the trooper is distinguishable by their lack of training or features that elevate the rest of the ADVENT forces.

Initially ADVENT troopers are as threatening as the XCOM rookies they are thrown up against, not very. As the campaign progresses, Advanced Troopers will appear, possessing respectable aim scores and fragmentation grenades.

ADVENT Trooper Abilities
Ability Rank Required
UIPerk fraggrenade.png
Throw Grenade
Throw a fragmentation grenade.
Advanced Trooper (Mk2)
ADVENT Trooper Potential Tactical Dark Events
Ability Effected Ranks Chance to Adopt While Active
Center Mass
Center Mass
All ranks 16%
Grazing Fire
Grazing Fire
Mk3 33%