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ASTORE.DAT 1st BYTE Alien type

01h Aquatoid
02h Gill Man
03h Lobster Man
04h Tasoth
05h Calcinite
06h Deep One
07h Bio-Drone
08h Tentaculat
09h Triscene
0Ah Hallucinoid
0Bh Xorquid

2nd BYTE Alien class

01h Commander
02h Navigator
03h Medic
04h Technician
05h Squad Leader
06h Soldier
07h Terrorist

These values define the alive aliens that we have in the base. The two values (one for the type and one for the class) must be entered in the first two bytes of the file. After the project has started or the aliens have been transferred to another base, the first byte will be 0. You can re-enter a new value to have other aliens.