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ASTORE.DAT contains information pertinent to live aliens in confinement.


ASTORE.DAT has a fixed size of 50 entries (100 for TFTD) of 12 bytes each for a total file size of 600 bytes. Information below is arranged by the byte's hex offset, in bold.

00: Alien race:

00 = Unused entry
01 = Sectoid
02 = Snakeman
03 = Etherial
04 = Muton
05 = Floater
06 = Cellatid
07 = Silacoid
08 = Chryssalid
09 = Reaper
0A = Sectopod
0B = Cyberdisk

Once an alien is researched, its entry is erased by setting its race to 00.

01: Rank:

01 = Commander
02 = Leader
03 = Engineer
04 = Medic
05 = Navigator
06 = Soldier
07 = Terrorist

02: Base at which the alien is imprisoned, using index values from LOC.DAT, your original base is always 00. A value of FF indicates that the alien is being transferred.

03-0B: It is unclear what, if anything, these values do. 0B gets set to 01 when an alien is in transit (this is in addition to setting the Base byte to FF). There is an intermediate value of 02 when an alien is selected for transfer but the "TRANSFER" button has not been clicked yet. Otherwise, these bytes tend to remain 00.


Note: TFTD v2 expanded ASTORE.DAT to 3600 bytes (300 entries of 12 bytes each), with the same format. Attempting to load a v2 or later saved game into the v1 version of TFTD will cause it to crash unless this file is truncated back to 600 bytes. Loading a v1 version of this file into a v2 or later version of the game will not cause any problems.

ASTORE.DAT 1st BYTE Alien type

01h Aquatoid
02h Gill Man
03h Lobster Man
04h Tasoth
05h Calcinite
06h Deep One
07h Bio-Drone
08h Tentaculat
09h Triscene
0Ah Hallucinoid
0Bh Xarquid

2nd BYTE Alien class

01h Commander
02h Navigator
03h Medic
04h Technician
05h Squad Leader
06h Soldier
07h Terrorist

These values define the alive aliens that we have in the base. The two values (one for the type and one for the class) must be entered in the first two bytes of the file. After the project has started or the aliens have been transferred to another base, the first byte will be 0. You can re-enter a new value to have other aliens.

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