Androids (Apocalypse)

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Androids are very tough. They are the best at the physical stats and completely immune to psionics. although they will eventually be surpassed by human soldiers, their immunity to psionics and Brainsuckers is not to be underestimated. Use them at every opportunity.

Androids make excellent shock troopers and are ideal for sending into UFOs first - not due to their expendability, but due to their immunity to brainsucking and psionics. Androids are also highly capable in combat and often start off with superior statistics. Not only that, but their starting morale is usually 80 or higher, making them unshakeable in combat except in the face of superior numbers and weaponry.

They are highly dependable and very durable (and some with a more macabre out look on life would say, expendable). Androids can go so far as becoming body shields to protect their other training comrades, as they need not be in top form at the end of the day to utilise any training facilities. As androids are mechanical in nature, they are mostly ignored in the field of psionics, which means they cannot use it, but are also immune to it.

Contrary to popular belief, Androids reportedly do gain experience and improve their statistics, but this rate is incredibly slow - androids may not experience any increase until well towards the end of a campaign even if they have been with it from the start.

Creating all android squads has it's advantages and disadvantages, but usually a mixed force of humans, hybrids and androids is more versatile and effective. additionally, they are only surpassed by human soldiers who survive a very long time. this is a rare occurance among human soldiers.

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