Assault (LW2)

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Assault: Primary: Rifle, SMG or Shotgun(default); Secondary: Arc Thrower

They begin with the skills: Run And Gun, Stun.

Assault Skills
Run and Gun
Raider Breacher
Slug Shot

Special shot for primary-weapon shotguns only: Fire a shot that pierces two armor and has no range penalty. Three turn cooldown.


Your arc thrower disorients the target when it misses.

Lightning Reflexes

Reaction fire shots against you have a significantly decreased chance to hit. The bonus goes down with each shot. Specifically: -100 to hit for the first shot, -80 for the second, -60 for the third, -40 for the fourth, and -20 for the fifth. Further reaction shots are at normal to-hit chances.

Trench Gun

Special shot for primary-weapon shotguns only: Fire a short-range cone-based attack at nearby targets. Three-turn cooldown.

Arc Pulser

Fire your Arc Thrower to incapacitate a target and damage mechanical enemies. Reduces enemy hack defense by 20. Can use every other turn.

Close and Personal

Confers +30 critical chance against adjacent targets. The bonus declines by 5% for each additional tile of distance from the target, down to 0% at 7 or more tiles.

Killer Instinct

Activating Run & Gun grants +50% critical damage for the rest of the turn.

Stun Gunner

Activate to grant +20 defense until the beginning of the next turn. Does not cost an action. Five-turn cooldown.

Extra Conditioning

Run and Gun cooldown is reduced by one turn.


Gain +5 critical chance for each enemy you can see, up to a maximum of 30. Does not include enemies in Squadsight range.

Hit and Run

Once per turn, gain an additional move action after taking a standard shot at a flanked or exposed target with your primary weapon. Hit and Run cannot be used after Run and Gun is activated. Bonus full actions from Serial and Death from Above will be awarded first.

Rapid Fire
Close Encounters

Once per turn, gain a bonus action after taking a standard shot with your primary weapon at an enemy within four tiles. Close Encounters cannot be used after Run and Gun is activated.

Bring 'Em On

Gain +1 damage on critical hits for every two enemies you can see, up to a maximum of +8. Includes enemies in Squadsight range.

Close Combat Specialist

During enemy turns, fire a free reaction shot with your primary weapon at any visible enemy within four tiles who moves or fires. Will not trigger if soldier is concealed.


If you score a kill during your turn, the next attack against you during the enemy turn will miss.

Street Sweeper

Cone-based shotgun attack that can't miss and does +50% damage to unarmored targets. Blocked by heavy cover. Uses one action. Four-turn cooldown.

Chain Lightning

Fire your Arc Thrower at every visible enemy who is capable of being stunned. Five-turn cooldown.


You do two additional points of base damage with your primary weapon.