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General Information

Contains all the large Battlescape graphics for what is held in each hand. They have size 32x48.


Contains 57 (0-56) objects.

All BIGOBS in one picture
Index Object Index Object Index Object
00/x00 Laser Rifle 19/x13 Grenade 38/x26 Stun Bomb
01/x01 Rifle 20/x14 Smoke Grenade 39/x27 Alien Grenade
02/x02 Rifle Clip 21/x15 Proximity Grenade 40/x28 Hovertank Turret
03/x03 Pistol 22/x16 High Explosive 41/x29 Plasma Rifle Clip
04/x04 Pistol Clip 23/x17 Motion Scanner 42/x2A Tank/Rocket Launcher Turret
05/x05 Laser Pistol 24/x18 Medi-Kit 43/x2B Tank/Cannon Turret
06/x06 Heavy Laser 25/x19 Heavy Plasma Clip 44/x2C Power/Flying-Suited Corpse
07/x07 Auto-Cannon 26/x1A Stun Rod 45/x2D Soldier Corpse
08/x08 Auto-Cannon AP-Ammo 27/x1B Un-used Grenade* 46/x2E Sectoid Corpse
09/x09 Auto-Cannon HE-Ammo 28/x1C Personal-Armoured Corpse 47/x2F Celatid Corpse
10/x0A Auto-Cannon I-Ammo 29/x1D Mind Probe 48/x30 Muton Corpse
11/x0B Heavy Cannon 30/x1E Heavy Plasma 49/x31 Ethereal Corpse
12/x0C Heavy Cannon AP-Ammo 31/x1F Plasma Rifle 50/x32 Snakeman Corpse
13/x0D Heavy Cannon HE-Ammo 32/x20 Plasma Pistol 51/x33 Silacoid Corpse
14/x0E Heavy Cannon I-Ammo 33/x21 Psi-Amp 52/x34 Floater Corpse
15/x0F Rocket Launcher 34/x22 Plasma Pistol Clip 53/x35 Chryssalid Corpse
16/x10 Small Rocket 35/x23 Blaster Launcher 54/x36 Tank/Laser Turret
17/x11 Large Rocket 36/x24 Blaster Bomb 55/x37 Electroflare
18/x12 Incendiary Rocket 37/x25 Small Launcher 56/x38 Elerium-115

* This was supposedly a Stun Grenade of some sort which was never fully implemented. Called GAS GRENADE in the dev comments.



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