Bounties (LWR)

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In General

When killing and capturing aliens there are four resources you may acquire:

  • Experience
  • Corpses (only if not damaged by an explosive on or after death) or Captives (only if stunned and not damaged by an explosive after being stunned)
  • Weapon Fragments
  • Bounties

Except corpses, none of the resources from killed aliens can be destroyed in a any way during a mission.


All alien types (except Zombies) have an associated bounty (see: Aliens). For most aliens this will be a single alloy, elerium, meld, or weapon fragment. However, Cyberdiscs, Mechtoids, Sectoid Commanders, Muton Elites, Sectopods, and Ethereals have much larger bounties and you'll see their bounties display in a popup when you kill or capture them in the tactical game.

Bounties are modified by Campaign Length, so you can expect higher bounties if you enabled Not So Long War and lower bounties if you enabled Very Long War.