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Officer Bradford

"I'm Central Officer Bradford. My role in this project is twofold - providing tactical support for our field operations, and keeping you briefed on the current situation."

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives

Officer Bradford's Quotes

Intercom Chatter

  • "I'm receiving you... we'll monitor that contact, but I don't think it's related to the UFO activity."
  • "Nothing to report at the moment, boards are clear."
  • "We've been picking up some odd transmissions lately...some nut calling himself "Commander Straker" has been all over the news ranting about shadow operatives."
  • "Negative, that equipment should be passed on directly to the science team."
  • "You tell those guys we can't have them bringing back alien body parts as's a breach of protocol!"
  • "We're monitoring several contacts at the moment, but we may need to run a diagnostic, this doesn't look like a legitimate target."
  • "Things are relatively quiet for the moment, guess we should enjoy it while it lasts."
  • "I still don't understand what could be so valuable on Earth that the aliens would be willing to go to all this trouble for."
  • "The engineering team is doing some tests right now that could be...disruptive. I'm going to alert the staff as a precaution."
  • Let's just hope we can keep the people in those cities calm, the last thing we need is for everyone to panic."
  • "Keep everyone out of Engineering for a while - they're testing some potentially dangerous new equipment down there."
  • "I don't know what's going on down there...check with maintenance..."
  • "We're not picking up anything new on radar, haven't gotten any outside reports either."
  • "They need to work with the gear we have available right now...well, that's too bad."
  • "Nothing to new report right now..."
  • "...and you're positive the report states that the alien craft crash landed in the garage of a suburban middle-class family...Tanner residence. Roger, we'll look into it."
  • "At least we've got some vets on our side- it takes a serious pair to go face to face with one of those things."
  • "I'm receiving you, return to base for debriefing."
  • "I remember when all we heard about were flying saucers...the aliens have certainly come a long way."
  • "This is Central, I'm receiving you...what do you mean you think you saw a snake? What the hell does that have to do with anything?"
  • I think the engineering team is getting antsy, they might be more excited about the new weapons than our troops are."
  • "What's your status, over? We're getting a lot of garbage on the line -you're not coming in clearly."
  • "You should file that request directly with Dr. Vahlen, although I'm not sure she'll be that open to the idea."
  • "I'm not here for your entertainment- in case you've forgotten, we have aliens to kill."
  • "I'll have to check their status; I think our birds are fully fueled."
  • "We're currently tracking several unidentified targets, but nothing that requires our attention just yet."
  • "Things are definitely picking up out there - we'll have to monitor our available resources carefully..."
  • "Central here,, we're tracking several contacts, but nothing like that. Alright we'll look into it."
  • "The aliens are definitely persistent, whatever is they're doing, they're not giving up without a fight."
  • "This new technology is incredible, the weapons in particular...I don't know what we're going to do with this stuff once the aliens are gone."
  • "What's going down there!? Tell those guys we can't have the bringing down the walls for testing..."
  • "Are you really using our tracking terminal to play Civilization?! At least I hope you're planning for a military victory."
  • "The latest contact turned out to be a dud, probably just another drunk pilot who fell asleep on a long-haul."
  • "Things are heating up out there - we're tracking multiple unidentified targets."
  • "We've been at it for days now...all I can think about is my bunk."
  • "After going to all this trouble, the aliens must be pissed that we didn't fall in line like they'd hoped."
  • "We're going to need help shifting that equipment around... get somewhere down there as soon as possible."
  • We don't have the resources to go off on a wild-goose chase..."
  • "I wonder if it was all worth it...for the aliens I mean."
  • "I'm receiving you...negative...we confirmed that contact was invalid hours ago."
  • "Stop stalling and get your asses out there."
  • "Now that we've got the firepower to match, I think we can take 'em."
  • "We're really coming down to the wire now."
  • "I'm starting to wonder if we'll really figure out what the reason for all this was..."
  • "We need our troops in top form, tell them to get some rest."
  • "Make sure the latest equipment has been prepped and loaded."
  • "We're running out of time, everyone's getting a little thin."