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Sgt. Carlock
Sgt. Carlock

"The Council report indicates that a team of combat engineers led by one Sergeant Carlock has discovered environmental contamination caused by the aliens. He's going to need an EVAC near the other end of that pier. As always, we should eliminate any resistance encountered along the way."

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)

Sergeant Carlock appears in one of the Escort missions offered by the Council.

Sgt. Carlock's Quotes

  • "You're gonna want to get analysts on these reports ASAP...if they hit these targets, we're screwed."
  • "They're going after our infrastructure... water treatment... electrical substations... transportation... anything they can do to slow us down."
  • "We found some kind of virulent material in one of the local reservoirs, who knows what it'll do if people drink that water. Get me out of here in one piece and your people can analyze these samples."
  • "You want me!? Come and get it...I'm right here."
  • "Once we get these samples back to your people, drinks are on me!"