Cherub (Chimera)

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Agent Cherub
Agent Cherub
Traits Shields, Protecting Allies, Tank
Weapon Pistol
A hybrid with a heart of gold. He just wants everyone to be safe and happy.

"I'm just glad to be here." -Cherub

Cherub is a hybrid clone and a playable agent in XCOM: Chimera Squad.

Cherub wields a Pistol and energy shield, and has several abilities to protect himself and others. Though his offensive ability is lacking, he can force enemies to focus their attacks on him to give his allies the opportunities they need to strike.


Health Mobility Aim Will Dodge Crit Psi
8 10 65 40 0 0 0


Rank Ability
Cadet Kinetic Shield
Cherub places an energy shield on self or ally. Cherub gains a kinetic charge when the shield is destroyed. Does not end turn when used.
Kinetic Charge
Cherub can store up to 2 kinetic charges by shielding allies. These are consumed by various abilities.
Charged Bash
Cherub bashes an enemy with the energy shield, consuming all charge. If charge is consumed, deal damage in a cone behind the enemy. Damage increases with charge. Replaces Subdue.
Deputy Agent Phalanx
Enemies focus their fire on Cherub, ignoring other XCOM units at this breach point. Block all damage and gain 1 charge for each attack.
Field Agent Generator
Cherub gains one charge at the end of each encounter.
At the end of the turn gain +1 Armor, a half cover bonus even if flanked, and become half cover for friendlies. Guard breaks after being attacked.
Special Agent Overload
Cherub can now store 3 charges and gains bonus mobility when fully charged.
Senior Agent Recharge
Using Charged Bash to render an enemy unconscious refills 1 charge.
Resonance Field
Allies with kinetic shield gain +15 aim.
Principal Agent Supercharge

Expends all charges to increase the squad's weapon damage, and also applies Holo-Target effects to all enemies to improve aim. One use per mission.

Training (Special Agent) Unlock Potential

+2 mobility.

Training (Principal Agent) Return Fire

When fired upon, Cherub will automatically shoot back at the enemy that attacked him.

Tactical Analysis

  • Supercharge's duration is dependent on the number of charges expended for it to activate; when three charges are used, it will last three rounds after Cherub's turn. Additionally, it only affects attacks that use a primary weapon, so abilities like Zephyr's Crowd Control will not benefit from its use.
  • Kinetic Shield only protects against direct damage; debuffs that only require the target to be hit (e.g. Disarmed or Rooted) will still be applied even if the attack that applies them does no damage.
  • Return Fire only triggers once per enemy (even if they attack twice) and will not work if Cherub is out of ammo. An Expanded Magazine is advised to counteract the latter drawback.
  • Consider to put as much Kinetic Shields as possible at the end of the Encounter, since their destruction after the end still counts towards Kinetic Generator charge up.
  • Artful Fathom epic pistol is better option than Endless Brevity, since an extra free shot is crucial for Cherub, because this shot can cripple an enemy, whom Cherub is about to bash with his shield.


As part of the clone batch dubbed the "Empty Cohort", Cherub had received ADVENT training but never received ADVENT indoctrination when he was "born" at the end of the war. After befriending the X-COM agents who discovered his clone creche and having been found to possess no ADVENT sympathies despite being part of a clone line derived from the infamous ADVENT general Bellus Mar, he was recommended as a test case for the use of the Empty Cohort's skill set. He was subsequently transferred to Reclamation and placed in Chimera Squad at his request.