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In General

Each country has a panic value (represented by 5 bars, each bar equal to 20 panic). This panic value indicates how unstable each country is. Having high panic makes it easier for the aliens to mount denser abduction missions and makes it more likely for the country to leave the Council of Nations at the end of each month.

Some events will increase panic in a country, some will increase panic across a continent, and a few will increase panic worldwide. These effects all stack. For example: if an event caused 1 panic in a country, 1 panic across a continent that contained that country, and 1 panic worldwide; the country would actually gain 3 panic total, other countries in the continent 2 panic total, and the remaining countries in the world would gain 1 panic.

To stop panic from snow-balling out of control, panic is reduced at the beginning of each month based on how many countries have defected. The (lame) explanation of this is that the aliens get lax when they've take over more countries.

Increasing Country Panic

All increases in panic are both modified by Campaign Length and increased by 5% per month.

Country Defense has an x% chance to reduce any increases in panic by half, where x is half the country defense.

Your Home Country reduces any increase in panic by 5% for each country in the XCOM project.

Note that both of the aforementioned reductions in panic truncate the results; so 1 panic will be reduced to 0 if either (or both) effects trigger.


Air Raids or Bombing Runs

+10 in country
Reduced by any damage taken, down to 0 at 50% damage
An Undamaged UFO

+2 in country
Reduced to 0 if any damage is taken
Crashed or Landed UFO Escapes

+4 in country

Failed Missions:

Abduction Failure

+14 in country
+4 across continent
+25% if country panic was 21-40
+50% if country panic was 0-20
Council Mission Failure

+15 in country
+5 across continent
Unstopped Research or Harvest Mission

+1 in country per month passed
Terror Site Failure

Country suffering from terror mission leaves immediately
Covert Operation or Data Recovery Failure

+4 in country
Exalt Base Raid Failure

Exalt Propaganda in a random country
Exalt Base Country leaves
+80 across continent if country already left


Landed UFO Survives

+1 in country per month passed
Losing a Satellite

+16 in country
+12 across continent
Terror Site Finished

+30 in country
+8 across continent
Exalt Propaganda

+40 in country
Exalt False Accusation

Country of Exalt Base leaves immediately
+80 across continent if country already left council
Start of Each Month

+2 in world per month passed

Decreasing Country Panic


Shooting down a UFO

-2 in country
Combat Patrol

variable amount across continent


Launching a satellite

-3 in country
Start of month satellite coverage

50% chance of -4 in country if panic is 80-100
10% chance of -2 in country if panic is 50-79

Mission Completions:

Thwarting an abduction

-4 in country
-2 across continent
Both are modified by Campaign Length
Completing a covert operation

-4 in country
Council mission/request reward

Variable (country panic)
Raiding Exalt base

-10 worldwide
Raiding a UFO

-2 in country
Modified by Campaign Length
Terror Site

-2 in country per civilian saved
-0.6 across continent per civilian saved
Raiding an alien base

-20 in country
-10 across continent


Start of Each Month

-2 -> -6 in world per defected country
Modified by Difficulty (Pain -> Easy)

Country Defection

At the end of each day, a country may leave the council if their panic is in the last bar (80 or higher panic with a red color). Note that aliens can run an infiltration mission to cause a country to leave immediately regardless of panic.

  • Defection Chance: 0.25% for each panic above 79

Any country with 100 panic at the end of the day automatically defects.

If a country has a satellite the chance to defect is reduced by half. If a country does not have a satellite but the continent does, the chance to defect is reduced by a quarter.


A country 80 panic with a satellite will have a 0.125% chance to leave each day for an ~4% chance to leave over a period of 30 days
A country 90 panic and no satellite will have a 2.5% chance to leave each day for an ~53% chance to leave over a period of 30 days