Destroying Terrain

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Most terrain features found on the battlescape can, with sufficient firepower, be destroyed. UFO outer hulls can be breached with a Blaster Bomb, inner UFO hulls can sometimes be breached by a Heavy Plasma, and weaker structures can be destroyed by more conventional weaponry, such as Grenades or even sometimes Rifles.

Damage vs. terrain

The general rule is that explosions will do a fixed 50% of their rated damage to a terrain feature, and projectile/beam weapons will do between 25% and 75% of their rated damage. The 50% damage for explosions is at the center of the explosion; damage will decrease by a constant amount the further away from the center you go.

If the damage dealt exceeds the terrain's damage rating (or "armor"), the terrain will be breached or even destroyed. If the damage is less than the terrain's damage rating, the terrain will be completely unharmed. See Explosions#Tile Characteristics for a table detailing several terrain types and their damage ratings.

UFO walls

The outer hull of a UFO has a damage rating of 100 points: as a result of this, only Blaster Bombs (Damage = 200) can breach them. Inner hulls and doors have a damage rating of 80 points. Heavy Plasmas, with a base damage of 115, can do between 28.75 and 86.25 points of damage to terrain. 6.25 values out of a range of 57.5 possible values (6.25 / 57.5) is 0.1087, which would mean Heavy Plasma shots will breach inner UFO walls 10.87% of the time (provided the random distribution of damage values is uniform -- this has not yet been tested). Three Heavy Plasma shots have a 29% chance of breaching a UFO wall, and even a full clip (35 shots) has a 1.78% chance of failing to break through.

Tank/Laser Cannon and Hovertank/Plasma both have a base damage of 110, which translates to a range of 27.5 to 82.5 against terrain objects. (2.5 / 55) is 0.0455, so these tanks should be able to breach inner UFO walls 4.55% of the time.

The Hovertank/Launcher's fusion ball munition has an explosive damage of 140. 50% of 140 is 70, which means a Launcher tank can never breach inner UFO walls.

Certain inner UFO walls and doors are more durable than the average inner wall. These so-called "security walls" have a damage rating of 100, like UFO outer walls, and can only be breached with the use of a Blaster Bomb. Security walls have a smooth, unsegmented appearance, with several bands running along the top. Security doors are darker than normal UFO doors and do not have a line running down their centers. The upper level of Battleships are constructed solely with security walls, although security doors are only used to enclose the central lift. See image below.


Other structures

Farm objects

Terrain Object Damage Rating
Wooden Wall 12
Door 12
Brick Wall 25
Stairway(lower) 16
Stairway(upper) 20
Wheat 6
Flowers 8
Vegetables 10
Apple Tree 16
Normal Tree 22
Damaged Tree 15
Stone Wall 25
Hedge 12
Fence 11

Weapon damage ranges

Projectile/energy weapons

These are the damage ranges of these weapons vs. terrain objects; their damage range vs. living creatures is 0 to twice rated damage.

Pistol 6.5 - 19.5
Rifle 7.5 - 22.5
Autocannon-AP 10.5 - 31.5
Laser Pistol 11.5 - 34.5
Plasma Pistol 13 - 39
Heavy Cannon-AP 14 - 42
Laser Rifle 15 - 45
Plasma Rifle 20 - 60
Heavy Laser 21.25 - 63.75
HWP Laser or Plasma 27.5 - 82.5
Heavy Plasma 28.75 - 86.25

Explosive weapons

Damage listed is for center of explosion, decreasing with distance. Damage range vs. living creatures is one to three times these values.

AC-HE 22
Grenade 25
Heavy Cannon-HE 26
Proximity Grenade 35
Small Rocket 37.5
Alien Grenade 45
Large Rocket 50
High Explosive 55
Blaster Bomb 100