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In General

Soldiers and MECs mainly gain experience (XP) through completing missions. However, various other sources of experience are possible.

Experience allows soldiers to promote to increased ranks which will increase the number of perks they have and their base stats.

There is no cap to how much experience soldiers can earn on a single mission.

Soldiers that jump to a rank (reward soldiers, starting soldiers, XTP boosts) start with the XP of one rank lower than their current rank.

XCOM starts with 5 soldiers at the LCPL rank and 5 soldiers at the SPEC rank.

Note: SHIVs do not gain XP.


Mission XP

Source XP
Alien Kill +8 (Killer Only)
Mission Complete +90
Major* Mission Complete +120
No Dead Soldiers +30
Mission Complete with less than max units 400 x (Max/Deployed - 1)**
Killing Alien Leader +8 per Leader LvL (Each Squad Member)
Capturing Alien Leader +10 per Leader LvL (Each Squad Member)
*Major Missions are: Landed UFOs, Terror Missions, Alien Base Assaults, and XCOM Base Defenses
**The Deployed value cannot be below 3

The following factors modify only the Mission Complete, Major Mission Complete XP, and No Dead Soldiers gains:

Factor Mission Complete XP Modification
Dazed.png   Show 'Em the Ropes Triple for soldiers of SGT rank or less
IC StarHire.png   Tricks of the Trade +10% for all soldiers
1st SHIV (Alive after Mission) Shared evenly to squad mates

The following factors modify all Mission XP gains:

Factor Mission XP Modification
Campaign Progression +10% per month passed
Alien Trophy +20%
Cognitive Enhancer +35%
Campaign Length x2/x1/x0.5/x0.25

There is no cap on how much XP a soldier can acquire in a mission.

Officer Training School XP

Source XP
XTP I +5 / day
XTP II +10 / day
XTP III +20 / day
Retired Soldiers variable

All OTS XP is granted at midnight and only apply to active/fatigued soldiers.

Experience per Rank

Rank XP Required
RANK SQUADDIE.png   Specialist 100
RANK CORPORAL.png   Lance Corporal 400
RANK SERGEANT.png   Corporal 1000
RANK LIEUTENANT.png   Sergeant 2000
RANK CAPTAIN.png   Tech Sergeant 4000
RANK MAJOR.png   Gunnery Sergeant 7000
RANK COLONEL.png   Master Sergeant 12000

Sources of Psi Experience

After Xenopsionics is researched, soldiers will begin accruing psi XP after each mission (modified by Campaign Length).

Psi XP gained after any mission:

70 Psi XP

This can be doubled if the soldier is wearing a Neuroregulator.

The amount of psi XP a soldier can acquire is capped at the required psi XP for their next psi level (e.g. An Awakened psion can only acquire up to 400 psi XP).

You can see the current Psi XP level and cap in their Barracks profile.

Psi Experience per Rank

Rank Psi XP Required
CLASS PSIONIC.png   Awakened 100
CLASS PSIONIC.png   Adept 200
CLASS PSIONIC.png   Empath 400
CLASS PSIONIC.png   Psion 600
CLASS PSIONIC.png   Master 1000