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As you are now playing as a Resistance rather than a well-supplied (in theory) shadowy organization, you do not earn money in the same way as you did in XCOM: EU (2012). Instead of getting the bulk of your income from the monthly progress reports, there are now a variety of ways that you can earn Supplies, which act as your new currency. Intel serves as an ancillary currency, which gives you the ability to 'buy' intelligence on Dark Events or use on the Black Market to buy supplies or other needed personnel or equipment.

Supplies & Intel

Supplies is the new term for the currency used in XCOM 2. Functionally is has the same function as credits did in XCOM: EU (2012)

The player can earn supplies either by doing missions, or waiting or as rewards for scanning events that give supplies as a reward. You also earn Supplies during the monthly progress report, although you do not get them instantly. Instead you must fly over to a specified area and scan the area before you get the supplies.

Supplies are needed for:

- Building items in Engineering.

- Buying new recruits from the Avenger.

- Building new facilities.

- Building Radio Relays.

- Creating new items in the Proving grounds.

- Upkeep for facilities

Intel is a secondary currency and new to XCOM 2. It is used to buy intelligence on specific Dark Events and it is also used at the Black Market. Intel can be earned via scanning events, certain missions or by scanning the starting region of your game. While it is not as widely used as Supplies, intel can give you an edge in the campaign.

Intel is needed for:

- Revealing Hidden Dark Events

- Buying Equipment and personnel from the Black Market

- Establishing Contact with new regions.

Resistance Contacts

In order to increase the amount of supplies that you earn each month, you need to make contact with new regions. This is functionally the same as providing satellite coverage to countries in XCOM: EU (2012). The more regions you make contact with, the more supplies you will earn each month. In addition to making contact with regions, you can also add radio towers, which add bonus supplies from that region. In addition to getting more supplies, contacting regions also give you access to more missions and Scanning events, but it also opens up that region for Retaliation.