Guerrilla Tactics School (LW2)

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The Guerrilla Tactics School, GTS, functions similarly to the XCOM2 Vanilla version by providing rookie training (allowing choice of class) and squad-wide perks . The first upgrade being purchased for 35 supplies and costing 0 power allows for training of officers. Up to two training pods can be built to train officers. The GTS also has new requirements for the upgrades purchased with supplies, with your highest ranking officer limiting larger squad infiltration upgrades.

Training Effect Cost Requirements
Vengeance If a squadmate dies or is critically wounded, gain random tactical bonuses for two turns. 25 none
Wet Work +100% experience gained from kills. 75 Lance Corporal
Lightning Strike Units gain +3 mobility for the first 2 turns of battle while the squad remains concealed. 150 Corporal
Vulture Enemies will often drop an additional item with every timed loot drop. 150 Sergeant
Integrated Warfare PCS bonuses are significantly improved. 150 Staff Sergeant
Stay With Me Soldiers will be more likely to bleed out than to die outright. 150 Tech Sergeant
Tactical Infiltrations Infiltrations for squads of 6 or 7 soldiers will take less time. 250 Officer: Major
Large Unit Infiltrations Infiltrations for squads of 8 to 10 soldiers will take less time. 250 Officer: Colonel


  • Large unit infiltrations and tactical infiltrations apply retroactively. In other words, they reduce infiltration time to missions that have already begun infiltrating.