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The file IGLOB.DAT in each save game directoy stores the current date and time and for some versions the difficulty setting. It is either 60 or 64 bytes long, and each value is stored as a 4 byte numeric field.

dec (hex)
0 (0x00)Month (0-12)
4 (0x04)Weekday (0-6)
8 (0x08)Days (0-31)
12 (0x0C)Hours (0-24)
16 (0x10)Minutes (0-60)
20 (0x14)Seconds, all values multiples of 5
24 (0x18)Number of Hidden Craft
28 (0x1C)Number of Airborne X-craft
32 (0x20)Number of Refueling craft
36 (0x24)Number of Damaged craft
40 (0x28)Number of Repairing craft
44 (0x2C)Number of Airborne craft
48 (0x30)Number of UFOs on Retaliation Missions
52 (0x34)Number of Alien Bases
56 (0x38)Current MIDI sound
60 (0x3C)If present indicates the difficulty, see below

Note that changing the days, minutes, hours or seconds do not change the values seen in the Load/Save game screen, but do change the values when you actually load the game. The values seen in the Load/Save screen is read from SAVEINFO.DAT.

Difficulty Setting

Difficulty setting is not always present, for more information see the known bug caused by this. If it is the value should be interpreted as:

0 = Beginner
1 = Experienced
2 = Veteran
3 = Genius (EU)
4 = Superhuman (EU), Genius (TFtD)
5 - never used
6 = Superhuman (TFtD)

(TFtD uses the same labels for two hardest levels, but their internal values are higher than in EU)

If the file is only 60 bytes long, then it must have been saved with DOS version of EU, not patched by XcomUtil. In this case, original difficulty setting is lost, and will be restored as 0 (Beginner) when you load.

Above information on difficulty taken from a post by Quantifier on the xcomufo forums

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