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What is Long War Rebalance?

This is a modification of a modification. :) The popular Long War 1.0 modification for XCOM:EU/EW was amazing and very successful. However, there was still room for improvement... thus: Long War Rebalance.

Is there a Discord?

Yes. Click here:

Thanks and Acknowledgement

  • Thanks to szmind for Squadron Unleashed, Sequential Overwatch as well as many many pieces of code and help with coding.
  • Thanks to Lafiir for her various contributions to the programming, consistent feedback, and new programs that she created.
  • Thanks to Pathologic for setting up and doing the leg work to get this wiki going.
  • Thanks to SweetMochi for all his tireless work of making this wiki look better.
  • Thanks to martofski for his work at making the tech tree way easier to use and look way better.
  • Thanks to AzXeus for teaching me how to code and helping me with a lot of the coding.
  • Thanks to tracktwo for so much of the amazing code: Line of Sight Indicators, LoadoutManager, XCOM Scamper, Campaign Summary, etc.
  • Thanks to Dustin and Terrible Name for helping me with conceptual code problems and getting through some difficult coding.
  • Thanks to Snackhound for ideas and suggestions of the Flight fuel overhaul, gene mod bundle, abduction map sorting, XTP Auto promotions, point blank and the overwatch overhaul
  • Thanks to SpazmoJones (aka Eclipse666) for the meld expiration timers, carlock, Exalt reminders, steam vent, and enchanced tactical info.
  • Thanks so much to Grobobobo, cjriches, Levko, Forefall, bigjet, Youge, Tacklezz, and LateNight_Rax for their excellent feedback and tireless beta testing.
  • Also tremendous thanks to johnnylump, wghost81, and Amineri and everyone else who has made LW such an amazing game.