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Required files:  XCOM: EU/EW, Long War 1.0, LW Rebalance

1) Install XCOM EU/EW

2) Install Long War 1.0 (

3) Unzip the LW Rebalance zip ( [Optional Alien Skins: Unzip as well]

4) Copy the files from the Config folder into XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\Config

5) Copy the files from the Localization\INT folder into XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\Localization\INT

6) Copy the files from the CookedPCConsole folder into XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole

7) Copy the files from the Movies folder into XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\Movies

8) [Optional Alien Skins] Place the CharSkins folder into XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\XComGame\CookedPCConsole

9) Play the game!

LWR Specific Tweaks

You can modify your LWR experience in specific files from the LWR zip:


SKYRANGER_CAPACITY=8; (LWR Default = 8) Base number of units allowed on the Skyranger on UFO missions -- Only affects new campaigns (Note: Other missions have less than this and you can see Squad Sizes for more info)
NUM_STARTING_SOLDIERS=4; (LWR Default = 4) Female gender chance: a 3 means 1/3 will be female, a 2 is 1/2, a 4 is 1/4, etc.
PSI_GIFT_CHANCE=100; (LWR Default = 100) Percent chance, upon revealing a pod, that a reveal cinematic will play
PSI_TRAINING_HOURS=100; (LWR Default = 100) Percent chance, when triggering a kill cinematic, that it will actually play (note: kill cinematics will often not trigger, so even at 100% you will find much less than 50% of your kills leading to cinematics)
SPECIES_POINT_LIMIT=1; (LWR Default = 1) Set to 1 to have the barracks sorted by class, Set to 0 (LW1 default) to have the barracks sorted by rank [NOTE: It takes a new mission to modify the troop orders if you change this variable]
BASE_DAYS_INJURED=50; (LWR Default = 50) How effective Psychic Tether is (set to 100 to prevent all movement away and to 0 to be mostly disabled)
REACTION_PENALTY=4f; (LWR Default = 4) float for base game speed (minimum is 1, maximum is 10) [Alt-F7 decreases speed by 1, Alt-F8 increases speed by 1, Alt-F9 resets game speed to default (REACTION_PENALTY)]
RAND_DAYS_INJURED=1; (LWR Default = 1) After this many covert operative extraction or data recovery missions bradford will not talk about objectives before new mission
RAND_DAYS_INJURED_TANK=50; (LWR Default = 50) XCOM rolls for panic when they take damage more than this % of their remaining HP (set to 100 to never have XCOM panic from damage)
HQ_STARTING_MONEY=1; (LWR Default = 1) Set to 1 to have Mouse Buttons during the tactical game, Set to 2 to hide the Mouse Buttons during the tactical game
SW_MORE_POWER=0.5f; (LWR Default = 0.5) Float for modification to wound and injury times of the Wolverine Blood 2nd wave option (new wound/injury time = old wound/injury time x SW_MORE_POWER)
REFLECT_DMG=10; (LWR Default = 10) Amount of time per unit on a squad for each turn with the second wave option Blitzkrieg (#26) enabled (minimum 1s, maximum 60s)
BARRACKS_CAPACITY=10; (LWR Default = 10) Percent of extra fatigue soldiers take for each mission they have completed
SOLDIER_COST_CLASSIC=1; (LWR Default = 1) Set to 1 to have the tint of armors change to hardcoded values on LCPL promotions, Set to 0 to use the SPEC armor tint changes defined in this dgc.ini only
HIGH_AIM=1; (LWR Default = 1) Set to 1 to have world panic slowly increase each month based on how many countries have left the XCOM project, Set to 0 to disable monthly panic increases (warning: makes the strategic game a lot easier)
DASHING_REACTION_MODIFIER=1.0f; (LWR Default = 1.0) Float for modifier of how much environmental damage is done (0.0f = no damage ever, 1.0f = normal LWR damage, 10.0f = All cover is paper)
EXALT_LOOT3=10; (LWR Default = 10) Affects the chance of gaining post-mission stats where the lower the value the less likely a unit will gain stats (min 1, max 255)


bCallFriendsEndOfTurn=true; Revealed aliens trigger other aliens in sight at the end of their turn
bCallFriendsOnPodReveal=true; Revealed aliens trigger other aliens in sight when they are revealed
bBailOutOnPodReveal=true; When XCOM reveals an alien pod each unit that has no APs left gains 1 scamper AP (white) [Note: this only occurs once per turn]


CLEARPERKS_MISSIONS_INTERVAL=0; Number of missions required before you can reset a soldier's perks again
CLEARPERKS_TIMEOUT_DAYS=3; Number of days of fatigue a soldier gets (+10) for retraining per rank they've acquired
CLEARPERKS_MELD_COST=0; Cost in meld for resetting a soldier's perks
MELDHEAL_FRACTION_PER_CHARGE=0.8; The amount of reduction of injury/fatigue the soldier will have when you use Meld Healing
MELDHEAL_MELD_PER_CHARGE=40; The base amount of meld cost which will be added to 20% of the number of days fatigued/injured for total meld cost
MELDHEAL_TECH_REQUIRED=eTech_Meld; The required technology to unlock Meld Healing

Installing on Mac or Linux

In the zip for LWR there are readme's to help you install LWR on either Mac or Linux.


The directories are mostly commonly found with this path: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\"

Do NOT use Long War Mod Manager as it will try to remove LW Rebalance and reset you to LW 1.0 each to you install a mod.

If you are installing on Linux please read the "Linux Install Readme.txt" contained within the LW Rebalance zip

LW Rebalance will only work with campaigns that were started with LW Rebalance. Different versions of LW Rebalance are mostly compatible with each other. I recommend checking version differences to determine how significant changes were and if they would affect your game before you upgrade to a new version.

Please note that the most common mistake when installing is to not put the files in the correct directory. It is NOT supposed to go in your Documents/MyGames directory it should be somewhere in your program files directory. This is most commonly "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW\" as most people are using steam. But if you are not using steam or are using a different OS it may be in a different location. Make sure it is in your "XCom-Enemy-Unknown\XEW" directory as it's easy to miss that as well and just install into the "XCom-Enemy-Unknown" directory.

If you have an error like:

7 popups saying unknown binary or something like that before the game starts

Then you might have copied the files to the wrong folders. Probably you miscreated some subfolders. Those messages are shown whenever the game finds additional .upk files in XEW subfolders (i.e. when you make a backup of the original files before installing Long War)." The solution is to

Delete absolutely everything and make sure you install everything right, follow closely the install instructions of this LW Rebalance mod, giving special attention to the folder's pathing.