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Besides the items you buy from Supply, there are several additional items, which you can either buy at the Scavenger Market, or receive as a mission reward.

Note: the list is not complete. Feel free to add items you find.

Additional Items

I1, I2 and I3 are used to refer to the first, second and third investigation.

The offering varies based on the investigation you are on and the Intel cost is randomized.

  • During I1, two items always cost 35-55 Intel, and one item costs 70-90 Intel.
  • During I2, two items always cost 90-130 Intel, and one item costs 70-90 Intel.
  • During I3, all three items cost 70-90 Intel

N/A means the item is not available during that particular Investigation.

Epic Weapons

Item I1 Cost I2 Cost I3 Cost
Epic Weapons N/A 90-130 70-90

Weapon Mods

Item Effect I1 Cost I2 Cost I3 Cost
Advanced Laser Sight +10% Crit 35-55 70-90 N/A
Superior Laser Sight +15% Crit 70-90 90-130 70-90
Advanced Scope +10% Aim 35-55 70-90 N/A
Superior Scope +15% Aim 70-90 90-130 70-90
Advanced Extended Magazine +2 Ammo 35-55 70-90 N/A
Superior Extended Magazine +3 Ammo 70-90 90-130 70-90
Advanced Auto-Loader 2 Free Reloads 35-55 70-90 N/A
Superior Auto-Loader 3 Free Reloads 70-90 70-90 70-90
Advanced Stock +2 Miss Damage 35-55 70-90 N/A
Superior Stock +3 Miss Damage 70-90 90-130 70-90
Targeting System Holo-Targeting for +15 Aim 35-55 70-90 N/A
Hair Trigger Fire has 10% chance for no AP cost 70-90 90-130 70-90
Impact Frame +2 Subdue Damage 70-90 90-130 N/A
Reflex Grip Shooting doesn’t End Turn 70-90 90-130 70-90

Armor Mods

Item Effect I1 Cost I2 Cost I3 Cost
Plated Vest +1 Armor 70-90 90-130 70-90
Nanofiber Vest +1 HP N/A N/A N/A
Adrenal Weave First Overwatch fire will miss N/A N/A N/A
Flux Weave Immunity to disorientation and stun N/A N/A N/A
Hazmat Sealinge Immunity to all environmental status effects N/A N/A N/A

Utility Items

Item Effect I1 Cost I2 Cost I3 Cost
Motile Inducer Target unimpaired ally gains 2 actions
Can purchase only one
70-90 90-130 70-90
AP Rounds Ignore Armor for 5 Damage. 70-90 90-130 70-90
Bluescreen Rounds +5 Damage against robotic units N/A N/A N/A
Caustic Rounds +1 Damage and Acid Burn N/A N/A N/A
Venom Rounds +1 Damage and Poison N/A N/A N/A
Adhesion Grenade Rooted area effect N/A N/A N/A
Frag Grenade Area Armor remove, might destroy cover 35-55 70-90 N/A
Plasma Grenade Area Armor remove, destroys most cover 70-90 90-130 70-90


Elerium can only be bought at Scavenger.

Size Effect Available Cost
Small Elerium Cache +50 Elerium I1 35-55
Medium Elerium Cache +75 Elerium I2 70-90
Large Elerium Cache +100 Elerium I3 70-90