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In General

When viewing a soldier in the barracks various options are available:

Meld Injection

Units that are injured or fatigued can be given an injection of meld to speed their recovery.

Each injection costs 70 meld and reduces the duration of both injury and fatigue.

The amount of injury and fatigue reduced decreases the more injections a soldier has and is calculated as follows:

% Effectiveness = 80 / (1 + Number of Injections)

You can access meld healing after researching Xenogenetics. Then, after clicking on an injured or fatigued soldier in the barracks, the option for a meld injection should appear.

Augmenting a soldier does not reset the number of injections and effectiveness of future injections.


You can retrain (reset the perks) of any soldier at a rank of LCPL or higher. Doing so will require them to undergo extensive training and they will be fatigued for 5 + 1/4/7/10 days per rank (for easy/classic/brutal/impossible).

Only healthy soldiers are candidates to be retrained.

You can access retraining by clicking on the soldier in the barracks and then accessing their perks. Once there, a button on the bottom right of the screen labelled RETRAIN SOLDIER should appear.

This can be useful if you find a certain build was working for you previously but is not competitive enough in the later game.

Also, if you require a certain type of soldier, you could reset perks to turn, for example, a shooter engineer into a support engineer.


You can retire idle soldiers from the barracks screen. Retired soldiers will join the Officer Training School (OTS) and help train your active soldiers.

Every day, all active soldiers in the barracks gains xp equal to:

25% of the total number of missions of all retired soldiers (modified by campaign length)


A retired soldier with 3 missions, and a retired soldier with 1 mission would be added together for 4 missions total; divided by 4 = +1xp each day. 
A retired soldier with 4 missions, and a retired soldier with 2 missions, and a retired soldier with 5 missions would be added together for 11 missions total; divided by 4 = +2xp each day (rounded down).

You can view your retired soldiers and the daily bonus XP they are granting by visiting the Officer Training School.

You can retire soldiers before building the Officer Training School, but only once the Officer Training School is built will xp start to accumulate.

Injured soldiers that retire before recovering only grant half their missions to the OTS.


Each soldier requires a daily salary due to overhead expenses (clothing, food, housing, etc.).

The cost is:

x(x+1)/60 credits, where x is the total number of soldiers

This results in a cost of 1/30 for 1 soldier, (1+2+3)/30 for 3 soldiers, (1+2+3+4+5)/30 for 5 soldiers, etc.

Injured soldiers do not receive a salary as they are covered under XCOM's health care package. SHIVs and retired soldiers do not receive a salary either.