Mind Shield (EU2012)

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Developed using the cybernetic implants we removed from the skull of the Ethereal alien species, this device should allow for a greater resistance to offensive psi attacks.


Mind Shield
  • Required Research: Ethereal Autopsy
  • Base Costs: §150, 10 Alloys, 30 Elerium, 1 Ethereal Corpse, 35 Engineers
  • Will Bonus: +30 Will
  • Abilities: Gives additional 30% protection from psi attacks. Gives additional 30% chance to psi attacks.
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


  • Having an assault with a Mind Shield equipped can allow them to approach an Ethereal and Rapid Fire them. Should they miss, (which is unlikely) there is now a negligible chance that they will be mind controlled and used against you.
  • While described as a Mind "Shield" the Will bonus is generic and is equally useful for boosting a soldier's own psi abilities as for defence against enemy psi abilities.

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