Mission Types (Apocalypse)

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Battlescape combat is initiated when X-COM Agents are deployed into the following missions:

UFO Crash Site

When Agents are send on a mission to a crashed UFO they will have to eliminate the crew of the downed craft through in order to recover craft and equipment and capture live alien speciments.

Building Search

X-COM forces will search the building for alien life forms present, wether there has been a building alert or not. The owner of the building will not be pleased if there are not aliens found or if the building takes damage from the fighting. If there are enemy forces present (either alien or if the organization is hostile to X-COM or even both) then tactical fighting will take place between both forces.

Building Raid

An X-COM Commander has the option of engaging in raids against other organizations in Mega-Primus in order to secure additional funding from any equipment recovered after a victorious battle and/or inflict economic warfare by deliberately damaging the building.

Base Defense

Enemy forces, either alien or human, might launch retaliation missions against X-COM bases at any time with the propose of destroying the installations and killing X-COM personnel.

Alien Dimension Building

Eventually X-COM will have to take the initiative and take the fight against the aliens to their own dimension in order to secure victory on the Mega-Primus War.

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