Mountain Terrain

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Mountain Terrain

Aliens will very rarely land in alpine terrain, but it is always a headache when they do. Mountainous areas look gray from the geoscape view.

The sheer sides of mountains and foothills make it difficult, sometimes impossible, to pass. They also provide the aliens with good cover, and let flying aliens travel much more freely than groundbound troopers. If you have flying units yourself, use them here.

Battle Notes

  • See the Mountain Map Bug for information on phantom tree stumps.
  • Not much fuel for incendiary attacks here, however normal explosives do have a high tendency to leave small fires.
  • As always, try to get snipers on the high points of the map.
  • The straight-vertical sides of hills are not traversible by ground units, at least through normal means. A minor height glitch when traversing between different elevations can sometimes allow a soldier to scale the face of the hill.
  • Grenade tosses might be difficult because of intervening hills, but it's often the only way to get a hit on a target peeking over a high ridge or inaccessible mountaintop.
  • The caves have some minor collision detection problems that allow tanks to pass through the narrow tunnel.
  • There also might be snow, but not as much as in the arctic terrain. Also, the snow doesn't cover everything. In fact, the ground is more grey than white.

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