New Hotkeys (LWR)

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Keyboard Layout1.52.png

Tactical Layer


  • F1: Bring up tactical information on the active unit (or if targeting an enemy, on the enemy)
  • Alt-T: Bring up the Tutorial
  • Alt-1 through Alt-8: Select individual soldiers
  • Alt-O: Overwatch all soldiers with moves remaining that are capable
  • Backspace: Ends the players turn, triggering Combat Readiness on anyone that has actions left
  • J: Ends the active unit's turn, triggering Combat Readiness, or Stabilizing/Reviving a bleeding out soldier that has a medikit on them and is within 2 tiles
  • L: Reveals information on the current and total HP of the object beneath the cursor
  • Z: Calls Big Sky to perform a Tactical Retreat
  • V: Calls the National Airforce to perform an Air Strike
  • K: Hunker Down on the active unit
  • R: Reload on the active unit
  • Y: Overwatch on the active unit
  • X: Swap weapons
  • Tab: Next Unit/Target
  • Left Shift: Previous Unit/Target

Game Speed

  • Alt-F7: Decreases the game speed by 1 (can be used repeatedly, min speed 1)
  • Alt-F8: Increases the game speed by 1 (can be used repeatedly, max speed 10)
  • Alt-F9: Resets the game speed to the default value of 4 (Modifiable in DefaultGameCore.ini via the variable: REACTION_PENALTY) [Note: The default game speed for LWR is 4 and for LW 1.0/XCOM:EW it was 3]
  • Period: Fast fowards the game while being held down and stops on release (


  • Alt-F1: Toggle HUD (for screenshots)
  • F2 through F9: Camera angles, F2 is overhead
  • Alt-F2 through Alt-F6: Camera distance, Alt-F5 and Alt-F6 are closeups
  • Q: Camera Rotate Left
  • E: Camera Rotate Right
  • T: Camera Zoom In
  • G: Camera Zoom Out
  • Middle Mouse Button: Camera Free Zoom

Map Pool

  • Alt-F10: Reset map cycler (Should not be necessary in version of LW past beta 13 and definitely in LWR, but it still works anyway)

Strategic Layer

  • F1-F7: Rotate Hologlobe to XCOM base on each continent, plus North and South Poles

All Layers

  • Alt-F12: Hard Quit to Desktop