New Units (UFO2000)

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This page is designed to explain what new units are avaliable in ufo2000.


Currently unavaliable in UFO2000

A grotesque looking oddity from the gas oceans of [Planet name here]

Re-animated Hoarde

Currently not fully implemented - Zombie is avaliable in game as chameleon skin

Otherwise known as a 'Zombie' these creatures poses far more intelligence than the steriotypical horror movie creatures. The Zombie is the result of a parasitic alien organism that attatches itself to the brain stem of recently decesed homosapiens and attempts to prolong its own life through the destruction and infestation of new hosts. The Zombies need for new hosts becomes more apparant as the decomposition of the host corpse progresses. This generally causes the creatures to become more agressive and dangerous as their need for a fresh host drives them to murderous rampage. Zombies come in three distinct catagories each with distinct visual features:

  • Stage one - A recently deceased corpse that acts as a regular soldier does.
  • Stage two - The decomposition of the host is more advanced offering increased resistance to damage but decreasing the creatures maximum stamina and resistance to fire.
  • Stage three - the creature is driven to near insanity as it searches for a host. By now the zombie has lost the ability to use weapons but can move far faster and has a very dangerous melee attack.