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| [[Differences to X-COM (OpenXcom)|Differences between OpenXcom and X-COM]]
| [[Differences to X-COM (OpenXcom)|Differences between OpenXcom and X-COM]]
| [[Interface Features (OpenXcom)| Additional Interface Features in OpenXcom]]

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Welcome to the OpenXcom Wiki, a part of UFOpaedia.org. OpenXcom is a free open-source reimplementation of the original X-COM, written from scratch to provide all the fun with none of the limitations. You can find more details at the official website.

This Wiki is a work in progress - all contributions to it are welcome as long as they are related with OpenXcom. Feel free to add new pages, edit the current ones and to use the discussion tab to ask any questions.

OpenXcom is still under development, so unless otherwise noted, all information in this wiki refers to the latest stable version: 0.4.5.

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About OpenXcom
Development History
Differences between OpenXcom and X-COM
Additional Interface Features in OpenXcom
Technical Information
Coding Style
Soldier Names
Resource Packs