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TFTD has 94 research projects so the first 188 bytes (94 little endian words) are the days remaining and the last 94 bytes are for the number of scientists assigned. Each base uses 284 bytes to represent the research project state for a total file size of 2256 bytes (282×8).

A zero for scientist-days merely means that the project is not actively being researched. It may have been not started, or have been completed.

Project names are elsewhere in ENGLISH.DAT. Offsets are solely in hexadecimal for this iteration. The first offset is for scientist-days (2 Bytes), the second is for number of scientists allocated.

From an "ask the machine" savegame, in order, for the first base:


Topic NameDays (dec)Days (hex)Scientists (dec)Scientists (hex)
Gauss Technology00188BC
Particle Dist. Sensor22189BD
M.C. Disruptor66191BF
Sonic Cannon88192C0
Cannon Power Clip10A193C1
Sonic-Blasta Rifle12C194C2
Blasta Power Clip14E195C3
Sonic Pistol1610196C4
Pistol Power Clip1812197C5
Disruptor Pulse Launcher2014198C6
Disruptor Ammo2216199C7
Thermal Shok Launcher2418200C8
Thermal Shok Bomb261A201C9
Sonic Pulser281C202CA
M.C. Reader3220204CC
Ion-Beam Accelerators3422205CD
Magnetic Navigation3624206CE
Alien Sub Construction3826207CF
Alien Cryogenics4028208D0
Alien Cloning422A209D1
Alien Learning Arrays442C210D2
Alien Implanter462E211D3
Examination Room4830212D4
Aqua Plastics5032213D5
New Fighter Flying Sub5234214D6
New Fighter-Transporter5436215D7
The Latest Flying Sub5638216D8
Gauss Pistol583A217D9
Gauss Pistol Clip603C218DA
Gauss Rifle623E219DB
Gauss Rifle Clip6440220DC
Heavy Gauss Cannon6642221DD
Heavy Gauss Clip6844222DE
Gauss Cannon7046223DF
Sonic Oscillator7248224E0
P.W.T. Cannon744A225E1
Gauss Defences764C226E2
Sonic Defences784E227E3
P.W.T. Defences8050228E4
Bombardment Shield8252229E5
M.C. Generator8454230E6
Transmission Resolver8858232E8
Displacer /Sonic925C234EA
Displacer /P. W. T.945E235EB
Aquatoid Corpse9660236EC
Gill Man Corpse9862237ED
Lobster Man Corpse10064238EE
Tasoth Corpse10266239EF
Calcinite Corpse10468240F0
Deep One Corpse1066A241F1
Bio-Drone Corpse1086C242F2
Tentaculat Corpse1106E243F3
Triscene Corpse11270244F4
Hallucinoid Corpse11472245F5
Xarquid Corpse11674246F6
Alien Origins11876247F7
The Ultimate Threat12078248F8
T'leth, the Alien's City1227A249F9
Plastic Aqua-Armour1247C250FA
Ion Armour1267E251FB
Mag. Ion Armour12880252FC
Vibro Blade13284254FE
Thermic Lance13486255FF
Heavy Thermic Lance13688256100
Aquatoid Commander1388A257101
Aquatoid Navigator1408C258102
Aquatoid Medic1428E259103
Aquatoid Technician14490260104
Aquatoid Squad Leader14692261105
Aquatoid Soldier14894262106
Gill Man Commander15096263107
Gill Man Technician15298264108
Gill Man Squad Leader1549A265109
Gill Man Soldier1569C26610A
Lobster Man Commander1589E26710B
Lobster Man Navigator160A026810C
Lobster Man Technician162A226910D
Lobster Man Squad Leader164A427010E
Lobster Man Soldier166A627110F
Tasoth Squad Leader168A8272110
Tasoth Soldier170AA273111
Calcinite Terrorist172AC274112
Deep One Terrorist174AE275113
Bio-Drone Terrorist176B0276114
Tentaculat Terrorist178B2277115
Triscene Terrorist180B4278116
Hallucinoid Terrorist182B6279117
Xarquid Terrorist184B8280118
Gauss Technology2186BA281119

1 Doesn't give a topic at the end of research. Garbage?

2 Gives the Triton topic at the end of research.

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