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In General

Second Wave options can be chosen when you start a new game. They offer simple but powerful alterations to the way the game can play.

Toggling Second Wave Options Mid-Game

If you have enabled the Dev Console, you can change second wave options mid-game by opening up the console (`) and typing the console command SetmedalpowerA followed by the second wave option you want to toggle on or off. As an example, you could type

`SetMedalPowerA 3

to toggle Wild West on or off.

List of Second Wave Options

# Name Text Notes
0 Damage Roulette Weapons have much wider range of damage. Rolls damage randomization twice.
1 New Economy The funding offered by individual council members is randomized. Same as in vanilla EU.
2 Strict Screening All soldier starting attributes (including unique soldiers) are fixed at the averages of soldiers' typical ranges with +8 will. By default soldiers will have randomized starting attributes. Selecting this option will revert to fixed starting attributes for all soldiers.
3 Wild West All shots deal triple damage. Makes shots and alpha-striking a lot more important, just like the Wild West.
4 Training Roulette Each soldier's training tree will be partially randomly generated. Does not affect MEC Troopers. Does not affect the initial preset soldiers unless Fresh Recruits (#33) is activated.
5 Save Scum Loading a save game will reset the random number seed, so taking an identical action may yield different results. Note: In LWR, some abilities always yield different results.
6 Predictable Damage Damage is not randomized. Cancels out 'Damage Roulette (#0)'.
7 Absolutely Critical Flanking shots receive +100 bonus (instead of +50) to critical hit chances. Unchanged from Vanilla EW.
8 Not So Long War Overall campaign length halved (as measured in number of missions, not calendar time). When combined with Very Long War (#9), campaign length quadrupled instead (Epic Long War).
9 Very Long War Overall campaign length doubled (as measured in number of missions, not calendar time). When combined with Not So Long War (#8), campaign length quadrupled instead (Epic Long War).
10 Results Driven A country will offer less funding as its panic increases. Funding ranges from 150-50% depending on panic. Starts at ~100% on Impossible.
11 Elite XCOM All XCOM units gain +30% hit chance. This value is dgc.ini modifiable.
12 Jump Start Start the campaign 3 months in at Alien Level 3. XCOM gains various bonuses to make starting 3 months into the campaign more doable.
13 Wear and Tear Items carried by soldiers will sometimes wear out after missions, even if the soldier isn't injured.
14 Itchy Trigger Tentacle Upon being revealed, some aliens may attempt to shoot at soldiers instead of moving or going into Overwatch on all missions. Same as Long War.
15 War Weariness Overall funding levels drop over time. Funding drops from 130% to 40% over 18 months.
16 Bronzeman Mode Allows restart of missions via Pause menu in Ironman mode. Same as Long War.
17 AYYLMAO Replaces much of the information in the game to crude and often humorous alternatives. WARNING: Not Safe For Work. No effect on actual gameplay.
18 Commander's Choice You may select the class of each soldier upon promotion to specialist. Use the cycle-soldier icons at the bottom of the class selection screen in the barracks view to rotate through the classes. For Controllers press L1/R1 or LB/RB or whatever you use to cycle soldiers.
19 Aiming Angles Units receive an aim bonus the closer they are to flanking an enemy. Same as Long War.
20 Super Soldiers Soldiers can be genetically modified, psionically trained, and officers all at once (except Neural Damping is incompatible with psionic training). Opposite of Long War.
21 Hidden Trees You cannot see perk options for ranks a given soldier has not attained.
22 Durability Items never need to be repaired.
23 United Humanity Exalt is inactive. Exalt troopers may still show up on some alien missions.
24 Friendly Skies Your interceptors gain +30% hit chance during air combat. This value is dgc.ini modifiable.
25 Desperate Odds XCOM can only deploy half as many soldiers to all missions. New recruits cost double and SHIVs cost triple. A tactical-level change.
26 Blitzkrieg You will have 15s (plus 5s per activated unit) to complete each turn (this value is dgc.ini adjustable). Changing game speed is disabled. The timer is paused during voice-overs, cinematics, or when the active unit is performing an action.
27 Difficulty Drop Aliens lose 1 HP, 1 damage, 10 aim, and 10 will. Decreases Alien Level Up speed by 10%. Reduces Injury and Fatigue by 10%. Increases home country daily credits by 10. Acts as a modifier to difficulty to help players better control the challenge they receive.
28 Robot Overlords Removes the 2 MEC per mission restriction. Big Sky can control multiple SHIVs per turn (removing the restriction of 1 SHIV acting/moving per turn).
29 Recon You will see meld cans and bomb nodes in the fog.
30 We are Legion XCOM has twice as many soldiers, but each soldier can do half the number of missions.
31 A Few Good Men XCOM has half as many soldiers, but each soldier can do double the number of missions. A strategic-level change. This overrides the 'We are Legion (#30)' option.
32 Wolverine Blood Injury and Fatigue times are reduced by 50% (this value is dgc.ini editable).
33 Fresh Recruits Replaces the 15 intial preset soldiers with random recruits. Similar to Long War.
34 Just a Flesh Wound Turns off Red Fog. With Red Fog, damage to base HP degrades their aim and will by 1-35, melee damage by 1-70%, throw range by 1-35%, flat DR by 1-50%, mobility by 1-6, and increases scatter by 1-100%.
35 Consistent Fatigue Soldiers and MECs no longer receive fatigue based on the number of turns a battle takes, but base fatigue per mission is increased to 4 days (equivalent of 12 turns). Same as how fatigue worked in Long War.