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For the original 1994 UFO: Enemy Unknown version, see Sectoid
For the version that appears in EU, see Sectoid (EU2012)

A slave race (whose iterations will be tied to XCOM's (and Earth's), future for years to come) under the control of the Outsiders, these Grey aliens are numerous, fairly weak, and easy targets. But, they seem to be under the more direct command of a higher intelligence, which drives them to surprisingly clever tactics, including cover fire and flanking.

Having no additional abilities, and only wielding pistols (starting with Laser pistols, and eventually upgrading to Plasma varieties), they focus more on superior numbers to swarm XCOM agents. Having small, almost childlike bodies, they need to nearly climb over their own cover to be able to fire at Carter and his team. Plus having massive heads, it's fairly easy to dispatch them with small-arms fire, or a single headshot from nearly any weapon.

Once the XCOM base is fully operational, you can have fun blasting the hell out of them in the base's Shooting Range.

Autopsy Report: Sectoid
A captured Sectoid enjoys a complimentary luxury suite in XCOM's laboratory.

The So-called "Sectoids" - also called "Grays" by the field agents - are small, weak humanoids are recognizable by their large craniums, eyes, and otherwise stunted physiques. Specimens lack visible mouths or nostrils, and exhibit only minimal respiratory or digestive systems, raising significant questions about their metabolic processes.

More curious then their anatomy, however, is the collars they are always found wearing. In addition to acting as physical restraints, these devices act as neural interface, transmitting both simple communication and basic sensations, most specifically pain.

Through this, we infer that the Sectoids are a slave race to the Outsiders, used as expendable troops and menial labor who require minimal nutrition or care. Whether they were a prior conquest or manufactured whole-cloth for this purpose, this is an ominous sign of the Outsiders' intentions for conquered races - including humanity.

Source: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified - Autopsy Report