Smoke Grenade (EU2012)

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  • Flavor text from Enginering-Build/Buy Items menu


Any relevant information such as where the item is equipped, how it can be used, or information about damage/abilities. Listing of foundry upgrades have been here as well. Smoke grenades are an inherent ability of the Support class. They provide cover to soldiers inside. This works both ways: soldiers near the center smoke clouds have problems hitting enemy units. Higher-ranked soldiers can choose a bonus to Smoke Grenades.

  • The smoke grenade works by an entirely different mechanic in EU2012 than it has in previous games. Rather than blocking sight and providing concealment in this manner, the smoke grenade increases the defense of soldiers within the cloud. This is true also for the upgrades available to higher ranked supports.
  • The drug enhanced smoke grenade does not continue to provide a bonus to defense, instead providing +20 attack, on top of the critical chance and willpower bonuses listed in game.
  • Smoke has the same effect on enemies as it does on friendlies. Because the effect is limited to those within the cloud, this is not as much of an issue as it may seem at first glance. If a friendly is very close to aliens and the defense bonus would be necessary to divert alien attention elsewhere, smoke grenades can be placed so as to only protect the soldier and a spot to his left or right, which aliens are unlikely to advance to.
  • The aliens will usually target the soldier who they have the best chance of hitting, throw a grenade, or move if they haven't seen one of your soldiers go into overwatch. Smoke grenades can trigger aliens to throw a grenade, which may leave you even worse off than before throwing the smoke grenade.

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