Suggestions for Equipping Troops (Apocalypse)

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In General

In the agent equip screen multiple agents can be selected via Ctrl-LMB method. To remove a highlighted agent, RMB.

When time progresses back at base after a tactical battle (with ammo being used, grenades thrown, medikits moved about etc.) the auto-re-equip function (being the "Agents rearmed" message) will only replenish the ammuntion used in the weapons which are currently held in the hands of the X-Com agent. It does not move, replace or re-organise items held on the belt, backpack and such. To restock such items, the player must manually replace them after each battle.

Equipment placement (grenades, devices, spare ammo, etc.) should be stored in the same place in the inventory of all the agents being used (or for mixed squads which have the same partial equipment layout). This enables rapid replacement of such items when multiple agents are selected.

Agent Equipment

A general selection of suggestions and hints.

Items For All

Ammuntion is vital. Don't run out.
Armor - only the best! Marsec Chest Armor if you want to fly.
Medikits save lives! Every X-Com agent should have one.
Explosives soften up enemies and destroy cover.
Stun gas or incendiary effects will cause a hostile to flee from it.
Gas effect grenades will choke a fire.
Stun Grapples will help to make your Alien Containment a lively place.

Items For Consideration

Plasma Guns are expensive for a reason.
Rocket launchers deliver a grenade from afar.
Rocket launchers seek.
Motion Scanners are not surprising.
Poppers hate it when you mine the door of downed UFOs.
Strong high explosive devices can make craters in the ground. Don't get stuck.
Power Swords are sharper than they look.
Hostiles should be convinced to play with armed grenades.
Exotic weaponry should be the priority when ammo becomes scarce.

Items For Later

Toxiguns love to use ammo.
Toxiguns are ridiculously over-powered.
Toxiguns ignore Personal Distruptor Shields
Toxiguns... Toxiguns!!
Alien exotic devices for all.
Aliens with big guns should be encouraged to make big holes in their friends.
Stun Gas Grenades make shielded neutrals sleepy when Stun Grapples won't.
Cloaking Device: ...can't shoot what they can't see!
Why walk when you can fly teleport!
Make them stop sending reinforcements when inside an Alien building, with some Vortex power.

Specific Equipment

Marsec Armor allows flight. This should be a priority for all agents.
A Power Sword can make an entrance anywhere. One is enough for this.
Stun Grenades and alot!. Aliens will fill your containment facility without much effort.
Explosives thrown, at least two each. Explosives flown, one strong agent and others carrying extra rockets.
Toxiguns against aliens. An efficient killer.
Devastator Cannon recharges and can punch holes in walls if you miss.
Personal Disruptor Shields: immediately needed, everyone... immediately.

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