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Firepower Analysis

(Notes, to move to Weapon Analysis later).

  • vs Laser Pistol - About 15% less firepower in both Auto and Snap. Slightly more powerful in Aimed fire (10%), plus the chance to take 2 shots (if totally stationary).
  • vs Hydrojet Cannon - About 10% more firepower in Auto than HJ-AP, about 10% less than HJ-HE. In Snap, about 20% more firepower than HJ-AP and about the same as HJ-HE. 50% more point-blank firepower than HJ-AC in Auto and Snap. 50% better than HJ-AC in Aimed, about 25% better than HJ-HE. Given the higher ammo capacity but lower damage/penetration level, the Gauss Pistol is probably to be preferred for soft targets, but not for moderately armoured targets.
  • vs Gas Cannon - 20% better than GC-AP in Snap, slightly less so vs GC-HE. Auto is about 50% better than GC-AP Snap, 35% better than GC-HE Snap. GC is better in Aimed mode (about 10% for GC-AP, 20% for GC-HE). Auto ammo capacity (6 bursts) is similar to GC Snap capacity (8). As with the HydroJet Cannon, the Gauss Pistol is probably preferable but only against soft targets.
  • vs Gauss Rifle - Rifle has nearly double the Auto firepower vs soft targets, increasing vs armoured targets. Snap firepower is also nearly double, and Aimed firepower is about 2/3 more. Point blank firepower (in all modes) is more or less equal. A possible choice for grenadiers or Tazer troops, but a Gauss Rifle even at 20% penalty is likely to be more effective, despite the 1/3 extra ammo of the Gauss Pistol.

NB - Firepower defined as: Average damage on-target per unit of time (%TU). The rates above
are for unarmoured targets. The heavier weapons are even more favoured vs armoured targets.

Spike 18:54, 18 December 2008 (CST)