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The files with the names of soundcards, adlib, roland and gm (general midi) store the respective Geoscape and Battlescape music sequences for their respective cards.

For those with plain soundblaster compatibles, was used. Those with Roland Gus's or general midi output devices, they used their respective files for the music sequences. They're stored in different files because the midi devices handle their data in different ways.

These files are only used by the Dos version - and perhaps are the reason why the music in the dos version, on certain soundcards, sound a lot better than the CE versions (though your mileage may vary). Speaking of which, these three files were replaced in the Collectors edition with midi files, one for each music sequence - this allows for a bit more freedom in modding as you can replace the midi files you don't like with other midi files.

The CE version of UFO leaves out for some really odd reason, so your intro sequence has no sound effects. Worse still, it will not play even if you copy it in.

I think there were a few 0-byte com files in here as well, but they did nothing and weren't used by the game.