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IT IS DONE., really!

Is there anymore more to do besides minor stuff like speeling, building fighting tactics in-fill (blarch!) and the nasty one: testing weapon control modules? (I'm not doing it, I tried, but too many variables and I don't do code)

I think all the bugs have been found in Apocalypse. Almost 50% found by me - thats my claim to fame! ...and that I invented stun raiding last century!.

All apoc pages have maximal in-fill mefinks (TB nope) but can they ever be complete? Is there still a tactic missing?

My OCD-brain-dump is close to empty. Notes and scribbles from many others on ICQ and BBS over the years - thx.

I've saved all the apoc pages as full html and also the edit-page text-versions of this whole apoc section so it is not lost if ufopedia waffs away or others edit this apoc section back into the junker that it was... 'ave yer fil.

Nothing more to add... its been fun.



Don't do the blue chicken dance!

abandoned Dec23 - any further input with EsTeR account is not me - account inactive.