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Editors and Utilities


Filename: Apoc_D.zip
Filesize: 199 kB
Author: J'ordos
Version: 3.06c
Download: http://www.strategycore.co.uk/files/apocd/


This editor is probably the best overall. It should be your first preference. Easy to use interface and many many options when making changes to the game mechanics for a new game. Allows editing of savegames as well.


Filename: apatcher.zip
Author: J'ordos
Version: 1.5
Download: http://www.strategycore.co.uk/files/a-patcher/


Easy to use interface with many options to change functions which Apoc'D does not, such as UFO appearance timers, available hire pool, Megapol vehicle settings, etc. This editor enables the hidden Cityscape Editor (which allows completely changing the city maps).
Apatcher makes changes immediately to the relevant files so this allows early closing of the program. You don't have to go through all the options until the end. Just terminate the program with Ctrl-C (WinXP).

RoadWar Utility

Filename: roadwar.zip
Filesize: 41kB
Author: J'ordos
Version: 1.12
Download: https://www.strategycore.co.uk/files/roadwar-utility-1.12/


Roadwar Utility is an editor for changing many things about 'roads' in general, but most importantly gives infrastructure stronger damage tolerance.


"Apoc'D" and "Apatcher" are probably the best editors to use to change settings. There is no graphics or agent face editing functions. If a cityscape building location has been changed when using the Cityscape Editor, Apoc'd allows changing the X-Y co-ordinates of that building which is not available in the actual city editor. Functions which are missing are editing score, base inventory, alien containment within savegames. "Roadwar" type of changes can be easily made to any cityscape tile.


Filename: apocut10.zip
Filesize: 21kB
Author: [Scott T Jones]
Version: 1.0
Download: http://web.archive.org/web/20070715201048/http://members.aol.com/stjones/xcomutil/apocut10.zip


A command line interface program with global functions which allow changing the rules in both the cityscape and battlescape to make things 'a little unexpected'. Changes things that other editors don't. Works well with original CD. Command heavy so printing the documentation provided helps!

PCK Manipulator

Filename: pckman13.zip
Filesize: 26.9kB
Author: Arik Yavilevich
Version: 1.3
Download: https://xorf.tripod.com/download.htm


X-Com Apocalypse only program to extract/import pcx image files within pck data files using a simple file navigator style interface. Does not edit image files. To change the X-Y inventory size of edited images, use Apoc'D.


Filename: xme9510b.zip
Filesize: 217kB
Author: Ales Pucelj
Version: 0.8
Download: https://xorf.tripod.com/download.htm


Does not save your changes to edited maps. This program allows viewing (and temporary editing) of the battlescape map sections. Useful for exploring the actual maps used to build a battlescape level. Other editing options are available but don't seem to work.

Midnight Editor

Filename: mexcomap.zip
Author: Marcin Wichary
Version: various


may be unstable. See Discussion Page.