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Most of the information on Base Defence is found on the link at the bottom of this page. This page is to discuss any differences in Base Defence missions that are specific to TFTD.

General Discussion

This section is "under construction". Please see the associated Discussion page for initial musings about TFTD Base Defence.

For now, here are a few bare facts:

  • TFTD Aliens can spawn in Living Quarters and Bombardment Shields, in addition to Airlocks and Sub Pens. This is the case even if there are enough Sub Pens.
  • A standard Base Defence Layout Strategy is still mostly effective, just beware your "rear" will never be totally safe until you secure all the Living Quarters and the Bombardment Shield (if present).
  • The 80 item limit from Enemy Unknown has been raised to 110 and the order of including/excluding weapons has changed (in ways which still need detailed investigation). For example, sonic and gauss weapons are included within the 110 available items in preference to some of the standard starting weapons.

To Do

Discussion of how the module tiles are different (if at all) in TFTD - which ones have clear killing zones, which ones have tricky little hidey holes, etc.

  • Sub Pens have torpedo racks complicating LOS on WNW, WSW, ENE entrances, but not ESE or N/S.
  • Living Quarters, Standard/Wide Sonar, Bombardment Shield have doors blocking the corridor on the West side.
  • General Stores has doors blocking the corridor on the North and South sides.
  • Alien Containment has doors blocking the corridor on the West side. Door is only 1 square wide!
  • Transmission Resolver, Laboratory, Workshop, M.C. Lab, Torpedo Defences, P.W.T. Defences, M.C. Generator have clear plus-sign corridors.
  • Sonic Defences have doors blocking the corridor on the East side, and have the corridor on the West side blocked by a wall (there are two 1-square doors to allow transit, but not a line of fire).

See Also

The main article on Base Defence, though it is focused on UFO: Enemy Unknown (XCom 1).

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